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  • Ben Lomond Loop – is the Agitated Farmer still agitated?
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    Use it. If he whinges, tell him to get to ****. One would have expected that he’ll have got used to the LR(S)A by now!


    If you mean the route past Comer I am sure there are not any signs now. We’ve done it a couple of times recently without any problem (well other than one of our party discovering his canti brakes weren’t very effective on the descent to the loch).

    I recall the Koch-Osborne books had that marked as a no cycling route – but that is going back a few years

    AboutAbout 10 years ago I tried to do the loop round Ben Lomond and got to the remote farm under the NE face where there was a sign banning cyclists from using the forest road that went West down to the shore of Loch lomond. We ‘misread’ the sign and carried on regardless as we were about 4/5 of the way round the route and turning back would have taken hours.
    We got chased by the farmer in his VW Caddy up the track and overtaken after a few minutes. Him and his big mate got out and insisted we turn back. He explained that they had had a few groups on this ride and had sent every one of them packing including a group of Weegies that he claims to have kicked in as part of the packing process.

    In the end we headed back east and then north to Loch Ard (?) then down to the Loch by the power station and then south to Rowardenan.

    Anyway, I wanted to know if people are using this route much since the rights of way changes and whether the farmer has mellowed his stance at all.



    I done it recently , no signs up to put me off using the route , he was up the route in his pick up but never approached me so I would say no problem , the descent to the loch was fun 🙂


    Koch Osborne is the goml’s friend. His books are just full of beautifully reproduced drawings of keep out signs. Fortunately the law has overtaken him and his pals.

    Shame, they are lovely books but I could not stomach the know your place message. I believe they are being reissued.

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    Maybe someone pointed out to him this is Scotland and they could go where the wanted and if he didn’t like that he could go through himself of the bonny banks


    Did it about three years ago without any problems using a route from one of the magazines MBR or What Mountain bike.No No Cycling signs AFAIK.

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