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    pegglet, it's nothing to do with efficiency really, both chains and belts are extremely efficient, so you turn to the other advantages and disadvantages.

    Belts aren't there yet, I think, but maybe they will be- once they said they were no use for motorbikes after all, then that they could only possibly be used for cruisers… Chain's a hugely developed product, belt's still getting better.

    anyone know where its possible to get a system for ones self? the gates site seems to direct you to companies who just fit them to their own bike.

    i've got a kona A which (in the theoretical place where i have time and money) could be converted for shits and giggles…

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    If you don't oil them I see a commuter market for them

    The belts aren't really under a huge amount of tension. When working on some of those Trek city bikes with belts I tried to derail and refit the belt, just for laughs. It was as easy as on a 'normal' singlespeed/IGH bike.

    In that case it sounds as if these bikes were not set up properly. The belt should be under a *lot* of tension – enough that there have been problems with the rear triangles of bikes distorting (not something that has affected Nicolai 🙂 )

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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