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  • My 13 month-old just finally worked out today how to operate our ‘ping’ bell from eBay. He did it constantly on our 45min ‘see the cows’ ride tonight, and laughed to himself all the way. Magic.

    I’m sure it will get annoying, but not yet…


    I used to not use a bell, figuring that my cranking along through the rocks, roots, etc. created a noise akin to a threshing machine with a lot of loose parts would be enough to warn everyone within half a mile—-then the years passed, with my hearing gradually going the way of all those older hikers/strollers–so I, too, now have a bell and give a quick ring when approaching.
    The old standby “bike on your left” or “bike on your right” can prove problematic as I am pretty sure some of those people either don’t know their left from their right—or they misinterpret and move left when you say “on your left”

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    Might add this, when I toured in northern Canada on my MTB, the purpose of the bell was so you didn’t surprise the grizzly bears.

    Grizzly bears hate surprises.


    used to have one just to ding at the annoying type of ramblers who would say “you should have a bell”.

    these days living in the South I just shout “howdo” for comedy northern effect.


    Walkers love bells. I have suggested they wear them 🙂


    I love my bell. Best £5 I have ever spent. 8)

    I ride a lot of two-way singletrack and I always ding for blind turns. Every reaction I have ever had was positive.

    It takes 95% of the shock factor out of any encounter, almost anywhere, priceless.

    Same with slowing down and just being cool and courteous to others (people and animals) – karma sure is a fine thing!

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    +1 for bell and polite shout followed by thanks – Ride a lot on Peak family trails (with my Peak family!).

    Biggest dangers are the bemused reaction as described (‘I heard a bell so I’d better act like a bollard’), walking pole gestures (‘Look at that wonderful scenery’ – gestures with extended walking pole across trail) and dogs, either loose or (worse) on those long extending leads

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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