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    Try bigger, no pros and you’ve answered your own question


    Unlikely to be significant IMO.

    Many other factors…different tyres for starters? Pressures? Rims?

    The real answer is….



    Not been happy with these tyres, Challenge.
    They’ve worn really quick and seem paper thin. The other odd? thing is that the tubes almost seem bonded to the tyre when I have to replace a tube.

    I’ve always used things like Rubinos for training, one puncture last year and that was going off road.
    I wanted something a bit faster, hence the Challenge.
    Will I be happier with those GP4000s?


    I don’t get many punctures. It may be luck, but my tyre maintenance routine is quite good as well. I’m sure I’m telling you nothin you don’t already know, but here’s what I do…

    Climbing chalk (or talcum powder) in the tyre to stop tubes sticking to tyre inside,
    check tyres periodically for bit of glass etc embedded in the rubber (I pulled 19 shards of glass out of my tyres last week, no punctures, but a flat waiting to happen!).

    Obvious holes on tyre, fill with rubber glue (I’m talking previous puncture holes etc that are less than 3mm.)

    good rim tape,

    careful with the valves and don’t do the collar nut up as tight as possible (i damaged a few valve stems this way)



    Small inner tubes stretched into large tires will be more prone to punctures because the rubber will be thinner than in the correctly sized tire.
    I use either GP4 Season for commuting and wet weather riding, Vredestein Fortezza TRicomp Quattro for everything else and Vittoria OPen Corse Evo CX for riding in Italy 😉
    I get very few problems – 3000km since February without having to stop for wheel related problems.


    So what tyres are you running?


    I’m having a lot of punctures this year, nine since January. Thing is I’m using 18-20c tubes in 23c tyres.
    I did have an official moan at my LBS, but they said it wouldn’t make any difference. I’m not so sure.
    I know you get problems fitting small tubes in MTB tyres.
    What do you reckon?


    Challenge Forté

    GP4000 for training! Strewth what do you race on, custom made tubs hand sown by virgins? My GP4000s are kept for events and I train using Gatorskins. I’ve just had my first puncture of the year.


    This is one of those tempting fate posts, but since I changed to michelin tyres (a combination of lithions, prolight2s and prorace3s) I have not had a road puncture in 5 years (and that was with a worn out bonty). I do a fair amount of miles on the road averaging 100-150 a week.
    All the punctures I have had have resulted from problems getting the tyres on (I have easton ea50 wheels, try and get a tyre on one of them and your know what I mean!)


    Schwalbe Durano Plus 23c. Have ridden all winter in glass-strewn outskirts of London and not a single puncture in over a 1000 miles of commuting – despite recommending them on here numerous times 😆 . The new London special edition has a wire bead to keep the cost down.

    Great in the wet last week too.


    finding Michelin Pro3 are great, grippy and no punctures so far save for a pinch flat when hitting a cave – sorry pothole..

    also as pro3 have just been replaced by wait for it pro4 they are on offer at lots of places

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    Can’t help, sorry, but… I bought my first ever road bike last week. First ride on Saturday. Punctured in the first five minutes. 😐

    Rest of the ride was fun though, **** me you can go fast downhill on those things. 😀

    **** faster when it increases your likelyhood of changing tubes at the side of the road – i bet if you add it all together you ended up going slower overall with your lighter tyres.


    GP4000 for training! Strewth what do you race on, custom made tubs hand sown by virgins?

    I commute on GP4000s. Why wouldn’t you?
    Your tyres are the only thing in contact with the ground, if something else is, you need some better tyres.
    My tyres are the most expensive part of my bike.


    Eh… I always use GP4’s. Best tyre out there by far. Come rain/shine/training/racing “W” just most excellent.

    I think you are having problems with the tubes Mr Oldgit. They could be pulling a bit tight and inflating them to 110psi will make the walls thinner and perhaps more prone to that awful hiss. Try 23c’s.


    Tubes is tosh – ive used 18-20s in anything up to 28s on my bikes as i have them lying about more easy as i never wilingly patch a road tube as they tend to rupture rather than hole

    Like wise i use 26 inch tubes in my 29er

    Its likely badly seated rim tape or is it a shimano wheel ? Im having an issue with the mrs front shimano puncturing everytime she rides regardless of rim tape , tube size or tire – so i changed wheel – same tire issue gone !


    Yep use GP’s all the time; try not to smile when my mates on slicks hit the inevitable damp patches….

    Just bought pair of Conti Gran Prix with 2 tube set for £40 all in at my LBS – a bargain, this is a good all round tyre – 24c but seems like a 23 for me, fast enough to keep up with proper roadies on my cross bike – only done 50 miles so can comment too much. Until now I used panaracer ribmos – indestructable and grippy, not too heavy, but not so supple – ideal for winter or back roads.

    I’ve found GP4000s and even GP4 Seasons to be prone to punctures in the wet. They handle really nicely but my experience of them doesn’t really match all the great reviews they get.

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