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  • Beer has been ruined for me
  • Sui

    Pah, what you want is a trip to Belgium..


    and I can thoroughly recommend this stuff too

    Premier Icon ahwiles

    Sui, if you went to Belgium, and all you came back with was a load of kwak, westmalle, Chimay etc. then you failed. All (and more) are available in most good offies.

    go back and get a case of Westvleteren.


    No the cases are not just that, I have;

    Mc Chouffe
    Rochefort 6 (no-one had 8 🙁 )
    Chimay Red
    Chimay Blue
    Straffe Hendrik 9
    Straffe Hendrik 11
    Kwak (I like it so ner 😛 )
    Westmalle Triple
    Westmalle Quad
    Achel Blond
    Achel Brun
    Wipers Times (a good beer in homage to WW1)
    Afligem Blonde
    La Trappe Triple

    That Westvelteren, you need to book in advance and they don’t always have what you want. Last year I had some Satan, as well as the two Deleriums, but didn’t pick those up this time..

    I know a few of these are availbel at home, but when you pay £3-4 per bottle in the UK, you pay £1 in Belgium and I was already over there. I’ve tried a LOT of different beers and these ones I like. I need to spend a few days in Belgium to try some more, but it’s hard getting round the 800 different types! 🙂


    Sorry Bigyinn

    I was going to post something about a local micro brewery,then my head exploded.



    captainflashheart wrote:

    PMJ, last time I was in Seattle, a bar very proudly told me that they had some gen you wine Stella Artois available.
    I believe that this was meant to impress me!

    I was offered a “delicious Belgian lager” at “only” 12 dollars a pint in a small town near Seattle once. Also Stella.

    There’s an awesome beer shop in Brussels called Beer Mania which has a really fantastic selection of beers from small Belgian (and further afield) breweries. Obviously there’s also the farm near Poperinge which has loads of different types (and there’s a really good beer restaurant about 10km away called t’Homelhof).

    I’m pretty lucky in that I’m a stone’s throw from Belgium and the local supermarkets are rammed with cheap Belgian beer (under a euro a bottle in bulk).

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Just back from California

    Ralph’s supermarkets stock dogfish head beers, or at least a couple of varieties – nice enough but we found others that were just as good or better

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