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  • Try Halfords Website.

    I picked up some Minion DHF’s for £10 each after a PSA on here.

    I need a new front tyre for my hardtail. Default is a Chunky Monkey for I think 25 quid, is there anything better out there for similar money?

    Riding is Peak rocks, local singletrack and the odd trail centre and Lakes or Wales trip.

    Also I have in the shed a Continental Mountain King and Geax Dhea TNT – these are in the “stick on the rear” pile, either any cop on the front? The Geax weighs more than a small moon.

    Looks like they’re all gone, bummer.

    I’ve got a pair of Specialized Clutch SX that I could use shot of if you’re interested? Halfway between a single- and dual-ply and very sticky.

    Aye they sound pretty ideal – how worn and how much?

    Five rides (used them for a week with White Room in the Alps), and I’ll trade them for a donation to one of the animal rescue charities we support. My email is in my profile, drop me a line 🙂

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    For a tenner more than a chunky monkey MINION DHF EXO TR from OO funnily enough.

    I nearly clicked buy today myself, but I know 2.5″ won’t clear my forks so I opted for a 2.3″ butcher. Once I factored the postage in it was pretty much the same price…

    Buy my Muddy Mary for £15! It looks like a fat bike tyre when its on!

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    Actually if we’re trying to flog the OP our old tyres I could do with offloading some:


    -2 off used Maxxis swampthings 26X2.2″ dual ply “slowreezay”, dual ply wire bead

    -2 off unused Schwalbe Wicked will, one 26×2.5″ one 26×2.3″ both wire bead.

    -1 off used schwalbe Muddy Mary, 26X2.5″ wire bead.

    -1 off used wicked will 26X2.3″ wire bead

    -1 off used specialized captain control, 26X2.1″, folding bead, folding bead, 2bliss, I think this one may have stuffed a cut ~6mm, not sure if I repaired it..

    -2 off used specialized Eskar control 26X2.3″, folding bead (although I might have to keep one of these for a while).

    I am in Reading, I can post or you can pick up/meet if localish…

    Possibly time to stick a FS thread up…

    Make me a derisory offer, I might just accept…

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