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  • I thought pies werent taxed?

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    Not necessarily, if you are prepared to move about there are good, well paid jobs all over the country

    Ah yes the good old Norman Tebbit argument. All very well if you’re a single hermit with no family or dependents, with some savings to pay for the relocation costs, or where the new job pays enough to afford hotels/a second home.

    In reality life is far more complex than that. What if you have kids settled in school? A partner who is employed (do they give up their job so you can move)? A mortgage? I’ll admit that sometimes a job opportunity comes along which is so good that relocation is justified, but it’s the exception rather than the rule. Or are you seriously suggesting that entire families should be uprooted so that the unemployed can accept any job going anywhere in the country?

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    Konastoner – are you a politician? Arrogance is a prerequisite and you’re certainly displaying that.

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    anagallis_arvensis – Member

    “You still think I come across as an utter ****?”

    yes very much so

    Even more after that rantette.

    Not necessarily, if you are prepared to move about there are good, well paid jobs all over the country

    I’m headin’ out Californee way, they gots a whole mess a jobs out there.

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    Well it all seems to be going really well so far. Everyone taking advantage of moving out of their existing cavernous mansions into the readily available smaller, downsized accommodation….

    How to turn a housing crisis into a homeless catastrophe

    Westminster expects 5,000 families to be evicted by housing benefit cuts – and it’s happening almost everywhere. Councils have no choice as they frantically search for cheap housing, often hundreds of miles away. In Hull the bedroom tax hits 4,700 families with a spare room, and only 73 small properties free.

    Mission accomplished then. Hurray for Dave! Its a win/win as the homeless have now got a greatly increased number of Soup kitchens and food banks to choose from. Big Society, innit? 🙄

    Edit: What happened to the thread Resurrection post? All very mysterious….


    And they’re actually bringing this tax in FFS?!?! When they are saying that the mansion-tax is too much hassle?!?!?!

    Absolutely radged. 😡


    of course we punish the poor and revere the risk takers and acumulaters of wealth for they are awesome and will trickle it all down to us all for our great benefit

    What gets me is this lot have done this to save money and it will cost us money – we will still have to house those made homeless by this

    They are so crap they cannot even achieve their goal of making everything cheaper/saving money
    Heartless muppets

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    i m not saying all but a significant number will have no need to move home to save the 14 quid a week. a quick look at the housing assoc. homes opposite and theres a sky dish on every one..

    when i was a kid.. we shared bedrooms till we left home.. the mrs and her sister were in bunk beds at 19.

    perhaps in the improved living standards we all now enjoy we ve lost sight of whats nice and whats necessary..


    Well done for playing the lazy sterotype card , can you get fags and booze in your next reply?


    its a benefit cut– and there are more on the way….its a wacky idea that shows how inept this administration is….the opposition party has been silent on this and many other issues …..

    Crickey, wasn’t there enough arguing about this first time round. Why resurrect? I guess one possible answer is the insight it gives into modern political debate. Both sides like to bandy about three key words in this debate:


    All three have several things in common in this context: they are inaccurate; they are misnomers; they are unhelpful and since they inappropriately frame the subject under debate, they are perfectly suited to modern political debate and headline-driven journalism. 😉


    Hmmmmm, I think I’ll knock two bedrooms into one, just in case.

    In my town I think that if twenty or so people tried to sell and move it would probably leave the house market borked.


    Team Hurtmore wrote:

    Crickey, wasn’t there enough arguing about this first time round. Why resurrect?

    A (now deleted) spammer posted to resurrect the thread and binners et al couldn’t help themselves 😉


    Only just noticed this topic……..Bedroom tax eh, Iv’e been paying it for years 😆


    If the moral argument is you have to cut your cloth accordingly if you can afford a duck pond you can have one if you can only afford a little home then thats it .There are people working from dawn to dusk and some havent even got a single room to sleep cook and watch tv in ,with a shared bath room, some have .So surly the tax should go for people with more than one room in total and a shared bathroom .If you would consider a single room with a shared bath room as a minimum standard for living .There are people who would love to have a kitchen, front room, bed room and a bathroom .Maybe we could have a work camp type thing going like they had back in germany in 1940s.I dont think IDS is thinking progressively enough .Tents tents some people live in boxes they would love a tent .What if you have a massive bed room and your neighbour has two tiny rooms. window tax that has to be the way forward .

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