Beautiful day for a road ride.

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  • Beautiful day for a road ride.

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    60 miles in the Norfolk sunshine with a coffee stop at the Two Sticks Cafe, Cart Gap. Very pleasant.

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    Had a short spin as got work tonight in the Northumberland sunshine. No photos but have some crap headcam footage as been testing that.

    And also good old Garmin data


    The Storck looks lovely Ian as does the scenery. I wish I lived near the coast. I have to do 60 miles just to get to the coast and then it’s bloody Southport. Apologies to Southport residents but Ainsdale beach could never look as good as those pictures up there.


    Great day for any riding, not just road. We did Ladybower Inn to Hayfield today and it was so dusty. I almost crashed into BWD but his cat-like reflexes saved both him and me. Ooops 😳

    Great day here in France too.

    Just got back from a three hour road ride around the Monts de Blond. The very same area I did a VTT semi nocturne event last night. I love that place.



    was the singletrack good?

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    Have wangled a half day riding pass for tomorrow morning as a mat eis doing child transporting duties for us – need to get a hilly 50 in, and a decent cafe stop…….

    Steve – Good to hear from you, how are you? (mail me if you prefer) Getting out on the CX bike much? I do love my Storck, especially on days like this! You’re right Norfolk does have some great beaches, from my house heading Nth or East it’s about 20 miles to the coast and 30 if heading Sth so plenty of scope for seaside cafe stops. Unfortunately however good the beaches are, it is sadly lacking in hills!

    TurnerGuy – “was the singletrack good?” ???? You’ve lost me, sorry.


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    Got out on the road bike for the first time since injury in December. I have used it on the turbo trainer, but since getting out in the last few weeks have opted for the low gears of the mtb as I am so unfit – however, it was a lovely day and its a good way of getting some strength up. Only did 10 miles to see how the knee get on, but for the first time in the 15 months of having my road bike I actually enjoyed it as we now live near some much quieter roads.

    Northumberland by ahsatb, on Flickr


    It sure was (once I’d (ahem) dealt with my hangover!) Had a fantastic ride up the hilly back roads from
    Conwy to Betws y Coed, back down the valley and then round the cliffs and headland of the Great Orme. Coastal riding is the best 🙂

    Bianchi Boy – I’m going to be over in Norfolk visiting my folks in a few weeks time – will have my road bike with me and planning on heading out for a few rides. Have you got any suggested routes? Will be based in Dereham and then Diss, but was thinking of heading from there towards the coast.

    Sue W, I’m sure I can come up with some nice routes for you. Mail me on ianwarnesatgmaildotcom with an idea of distances etc

    Do you have a Garmin?



    Was lovely yesterday. Got some crisp sunburn tan lines when out. I too went on the roady, and also bought another road bike!

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    Lovely here in Maribor today as well.

    Off out on the Marlin in a bit to get the journey out of my legs.

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