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  • BearingProTools / Braeview Engineering – Excellent Service
  • Premier Icon al2000

    Recently bought a set of SC bearing pullers and a press from them – great products, shipped quickly and worked very well.

    I’d left it a bit too long before changing the bearings however, and one in the lower link had mysteriously been replaced by ground up metal paste, and had left the outer race in the link (with no accessible lip).

    Tried a couple of rawlbolts but they didn’t fit, and didn’t want to resort to cutting it just yet so mailed BearingProTools to see if they had anything suitable to buy. Next thing I know, they’ve sent me *free of charge* a prototype tool to try out, which did the trick (the job wasn’t pretty mind, but these things never are).

    Really impressed with them – the tools alone were great, but the follow up service was exceptional. Highly recommended!

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    I bought some from them via eBay last year of the bolt / expanding collet variety.. didn’t work at all well for tight linkage bearings as it just slipped (even with the expander done up as tight as I dared). I wonder if the prototype is an improved version..?

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