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    Looking for something to make an attempt at a beard more presentable! Stubble length prob rather than full blown beard. What do I need to look for re trimmers? Any recos of what works well?



    When I researched this I realised that hair clippers did the same job at about half the price as long as you dont mind number 1/2/3/etc length stubble

    What spacemonkey said, use it all the time and its excellent. Just remember to charge it so its ready for next time, nothing more annoying than it running out halfway through which always seems to happen to me 🙄


    Get a small bottle of light oil and use it on the cutter each time you shave; it makes the razor more efficient and reduces wear and tear.

    I keep one of these in the bathroom cabinet for the occasional body hair and neck trim, it’s excellent:

    Wahl trimmer


    Have the Babyliss Mens Groomer – plenty of heads, beard, nose/ear, precision, etc – even has one for “other areas”… 😉


    As per spacemonkey and treacle sponge. The battery does last for a long while though, you don’t need to recharge after every use.


    Another vote for the MB-320C, probably the best I’ve used over the past 30 years.

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    I could only find one beard trimmer that was actually designed for stubble as well as long beards – Babyliss iTrim. Fantastic thing, only about £15 iirc.

    I have hair clippers too (and I’ve used them on my chin, it works) but the hair grade sizes are not useful for stubble and whilst the bare cutter provided good stubble it wasn’t that comfortable.

    I’ve also used the iTrim on my hair which did work but wasn’t very easy due to being rather small 🙂


    This Braun has been great for me. Impossible to touch the actual blade on your face leaving an embarrassing bald spot, which means you can do it half asleep. Lots of adjustment, waterproof, and has a mini cutter too, for doing neck/cheek line. Rechargeable.


    got some cheapo rechargeable phillips thing. works well as long as you keep it oiled and clean (also doubles as a scalper).


    The big asdas have loads on sale at the mo


    At some point, you *will* run out of charge halfway through a trim. For peace of mind, it’s probably worth getting a battery/ plugged in one, so you can just plug it in and keep going, rather than wandering around with half a beard while it charges…


    another vote for the Remington MB320C


    I have this one (Braun Cruzer face) and to be honest it’s a bit crap. There is a normal looking electric shaver bit that is kept off your face by a plastic guard, but the problem is that your beard hairs never go down the holes in the foil to be snipped off. It also has some other trimming attachments that can be useful, but not worth the price.

    I also have a Babyliss iStubble, which is a bit better, and a Gillette battery operated thing which is OK for travel.

    Best beard trim was at the barber, and he just used an ordinary hair clipper dialled down to short length.


    Babyliss iTrim – pretty cheap and works fine. Always keep it plugged in though.

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