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  • dantsw13

    Both bikes pretty good at the moment. One is covered in mud from last night, ( after the Dusty Trails at Friston lasted 2 days and drizzle turned it into a skating rink) but serviceability is pretty good. Oops, that’s jinxed me!!


    I have to admit someone else proberbly wouldnt enjoy riding mine .. but it works for me – I ride it ,squirt it with a pressure wash oil the chain and let it be . bled the brake whilst out on the trail last week in wales – thats really about all i have done to it in the last year – – turner , shimano, combo not much goes wrong – even my dhx air can hasnt caused me any issues in the last 18 months ..
    im firmly in the camp of fix when broke rather than fettle .. also known as lazy **** !


    Me 🙁

    Forks leaking/need service
    Brakes need bleeding/New pads/hoses cutting
    Rear mech bent and barely serviceable
    Hub needs greasing

    I’ll probably have a big bike fixing session when summer finally sets in.


    I’m quite the opposite. I love my garage, it’s a precision workshop and I regularly spend an evening in there with a beer or three maintaining kit. My bikes are always running like new.

    My big bike needs a new tube in the front due to getting a slow puncture when I was out on it Monday which I’ve not sorted yet

    I recently realised I’d got enough spare parts from regularly changing and fettling with kit that I bought an On-One 456 summer frame and built it up with my spare parts.

    I now have two well oiled off road machines plus the road bike and an immaculate kept wife’s bike.

    You could probably say I should spend more time riding and less time fettling… but I love it.

    My road bike does however have a wobbly front hub and tyres that need wind due to not being used since last summer… does this count? 🙂


    MY bike is pretty good at the min. could just do with some new rubber and some new cranks as my 3pc euro cranks are shit and eat bb’s.

    However a few weeks ago i needed.


    so my list is getting better and should be done for summer. I use my bike every day so sometimes its one step forward two steps back.


    Nope sorry, mine looks like new.

    Ok so the BB creaks a bit but its had a very hard winter in mulch and jet wash’idge.

    Roadie looks a bit sorry for itself though.

    No. 1 bike – is perfect might be due to the fact I only got it on Thursday 😀

    No. 2 bike – has knackered RS forks which are still working & drive train is very worn.

    No. 3 bike – has knackered Fox Talas forks which are still working (just) & RP23 on it’s way out.

    Looking to run the forks into the ground on 2 & 3 then look to get some s/h forks.


    I hope not, its brand new! Old one could do with some work though, and that’s despite a full new transmission and fork service.

    At the moment… Very. I don’t have a working bike. I snapped my hardtail and my Lapierre has got a shagged rear end and some cracks in the head tube. The Whyte 146, which I’ve borrowed for the last couple of weeks is having some crank issues.

    Luckily, my new MDE is arriving soon and I’ve just ordered a Cotic BFe frame to get built up with most of the parts from the Lapierre.

    Premier Icon scaled

    My bike is going to get a serious overhaul now I’m injured.

    Forks need a service, pedals need a rebuild, headset is loose, pivot bearings need doing,gear cables inner and outer, wheels need a true and possibly a new rim at the back.

    Probably less than half of that needs doing but with 3 months off the bike I might as well get fettling.


    I’m sure there’s never been a period of longer than a fortnight where everything has been ‘right’ on my bike. It’s an impossible balance between well ridden and well loved when repair/replace bites heavily into limited budget. But it’s always well ridden.

    my solitude is in bits (mainly due to shagged fork)

    my kona has a shagged fork (needs replacing)

    my road bike’s drivechain is rusty as hell and needs new brake pads

    my CX bike needs a front mech fettle

    my work MTB needs a new front wheel

    my work road bike’s chain needs an oil… so thats what i’ll be out on today!


    I believe that all my bikes are working as well as I CBA to maintain them……
    Make of that what you will……..

    Premier Icon composite

    Sent off all my suspension from the full sus to Loco and had it back ready for the summer.
    Just replaced all the sprockets, cassette and chain on both the full suss and the rigid.
    Only thing that is a bit screwed that I have not dealt with properly is the cable ties holding the control unit on the gravity dropper.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Almost all rigid single speeds, what’s this maintenance stuff you talk off?

    Premier Icon binners

    I’ve just pulled the full suss out of its winter hibernation. I bloody love that bike! And. It’s served me well for a good few years. So given that fact, why have I not done any of the maintenance I said I was going to do. The forks are pissing oil out of the seals! I’ve actually got a full service kit for them. It’s sat untouched at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. The drive chain is as worn and saggy as an essex doggers flume!

    So who else is guilty of this then? I’m sure it’s not just me


    worked a treat when removed from hibernaton till i pointed it up ill and the indexing was borked
    Still not fixed that yet but only had one ride on it


    Forks need serviced, waiting on new brake pads,new chain required reasonably well cleaned and oiled bike in a better state than the rider 🙂

    Hmm the Rocky is in pretty good nick (after I bled the front brake), it was put to bed over winter so all it needs are maybe some new jockey wheels.

    The polystyrene bike is mint after throwing money at a new shitfit, oh sorry press-fit BB.

    The one speed thrives on neglect but is OK at the mo (it did need a complete new transmission at the start of winter).

    Preston languishes in the shed and probably needs a new front and rear shock but that can wait.


    MTB needs new forks, chain, cassette, cables etc. Will hopefully be getting them sometime this month…

    Road bike’s fine, commuter bike is basically OK although rear mech needs adjusting.

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I service* mine regularly

    *service does basically mean wiping the chain down with an oily rag, right?

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    7 gears actually work and rear brake really could do with a bleed.. forks could probably do with a service too..

    Premier Icon kimbers

    already done 2 gravity enduros on it so had fork & dropper post service, new brakes, new bb,new rear mech & shifters over xmas
    have a rearshock seal kit and headset bearings waiting to put on when can they get really bad, also have new rims for when these wheels die

    Premier Icon iainc

    Just serviced both MTB’s as selling them next week or so. Orange is perfect, Rock Lobster drivetrain getting to end of it’s life – I have a new one ready to fit though, depending whether I sell as full bike or split

    cx bike perfect, as is road bike 😛


    All mint, as have little time to ride them with work and the children one being 4 months old.

    The bearings on my rear hope hub have been totally seized up for several months on my inbred. Keep meaning to getting round to sorting it…


    New gear cables and front mech on the HT the other week but my CK universal freehub could do with a stripdown/regrease as it’s a bit sticky.My Reba’s could do with repainting as they look really tatty. My DH bike is running as near perfect as I’ve ever had it , gave it a full clean service/check over this afternoon and nearly went over the bars at about 20mph checking the front brake (sphincter muscle twitching smiley)


    The FS has a knackered shock but tyhats with loco at the moment.

    The HT needs the front pads replacing, but just had a new drivetrain.

    The BMX needs new rubber, saddle and paint.

    The road bike needs new wheels, bars, stem, grips, gears and paint, but then it is a 1985 Raleigh that is nearly original so its not a big surprise.

    The wife’s bike is fine.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    Out of the currently built up 4 only one has a serious issue, but that is a 10 YO FS & one of the bearing seats (not sure if that is the right term, but the bit the bearing goes in to) on the rocker arm has a tiny amount of play. 2 of the others are rigid & 1 of those is singlespeed, that may help but I think the fact I rarely use any of my bikes any more is the key factor 😉

    Sheared my crank arm tabs today. :(…
    Long walk home.


    Bike 1 (Stumpy FSR)

    Probably could do with a new BB.
    Rear mech cage (carbon XTR) is splitting, but holding up OK.
    Forks could probably do with a full service, but have had fairly regular oil changes.
    Rear shock not been serviced & probably should be….

    Bike 2 (Inbred)

    Just changed a middle chainring to cure chainsuck; was convinced that was causing it. Hasn’t worked though.
    08 Reba fork could do with a proper full service.
    One rim (can’t remember F or R) is splitting so keep meaning to put the knobbly tyres on the ‘slick’ rims and vice versa…

    Bike 3 (Road bike)

    All good.
    Just put a spanky new Sora crankset on it, and
    new saddle this morning.

    Premier Icon allyharp

    I think I’ve been avoiding quite a lot of work for a while!

    Kona #1 has been run in singlespeed guise for about 6 months as it needs a new shifter, and following an incident the mech hanger was only re-bent approximately and probably needs proper alignment before returning to gears.

    Prince Albert I suspect needs some more oil in its forks as they’ve been a bit happy to plunge through their travel since the last service (about a year ago!). Works fine apart from all that though.

    Kona #2 currently has a bust freehub so I’ll be replacing the wheel in due course. The Reba forks are also leaking oil. Finally it’s had a creaking ISIS bottom bracket for at least a year, but I’m waiting until it completely dies before replacing it. I’ve also struggled to remove a spongy feeling from the rear brake, despite bleeding 3 times in the last 6 weeks.

    Mines as good as gold……so come on you lucky lads, buy it here! : )

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    Mine are a right state. We’ve got builders in and naturally they’ve filled the entirety of my garage with a load of their crap. I can barely get the bikes in and out, let alone take bits off them to fix. Wish the buggers would hurry up and finish, thoroughly sick of living in a building site now. 🙁


    I would like to post an honest reply, but i really don’t want to scud myself or my bikes.

    In fact i may have already. A strike through is like crossing your fingers in real life isn’t it?

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Not too bad. Its an on one so is showing some rust but otherwise mechanically ok now I have swapped out the distorted rear tyre and done the seat clamp up tight.


    C456 poorly, shifters sent back under warranty. Hurry up on one send ‘um back

    Inbred just serviced and reba changed from 100mm – 120mm, running a dream.


    The bikes are running fine, need a bit of a clean, but the rider…


    bearings on the alfine are borked, but have been for 6 months.

    FS needs the rear brake cable either replaced or re-routed and the forks need a service, oh and the shifting needs a tweak.


    Mines in a well maintained state all except needing new jocky wheels in my rear XT mech but I keep holding off replacing them (for £10) in a bid to convince myself £100 plus is worth it to go 10 speed with a Zee clutch mech! Oh….and my brakes are squeaking just s little.


    I’m in the ‘if there isn’t something on your bike that needs attention then you’re not riding it enough’ camp 🙂


    Main bike (old SX Trail) is pretty good. Forks need a service, but that’ll wait till next month and it needs repainting because the original paint is a bit shagged now. Bearings could probably do with replacing too. Other than that it rides fine and has just been cleaned (Cannock was a bit muddier than I expected today).

    BFe is fine….well I think it is. It’s not been ridden since I built it up. But I’m taking it for a ride tomorrow in the local woods to session some jumps, so I’ll know what it’s like tomorrow.

    Road bike is fine…although it wasn’t very happy last week after loads of riding and getting covered in road salt. The drive train was making a reet racket, but it got cleaned. This week and is back to normal.

    I’m pretty anal about my bikes, so they’re generally in good fettle.


    I just finished to build the new FS.
    I manged to crack both side of the bloody press fit BB shit.


    Mine was a total disaster today. I changed the wheels over but one of the wheels I put on had a really warped disc I didn’t notice until I got to the trail, no biggie. Then one of my shifters decides to pack it in as I’m riding away from the car park, so the whole ride today was done with just the 3 rings up front with the chain set in the middle on the back. And to top it off I pretty much had no front brake either!! Mess…


    I like to keep them all in good working order to minimize failures on the trail so I spend several hours per week in the manshed keeping them running fine, however:

    FS – Bike #1

    Drive train is in a poor state of affairs, but still works. New block, chain, jockey wheels, cables, shifters and brake lines being replaced next week

    Forks have also gone to manufacturer under warranty

    The bike has been thrashed incredibly hard over the last 2 weeks without letting me down at all

    HT – Bike #2

    Currently without forks as they’re fitted to bike above – otherwise good

    Rigid SS – Bike #3

    Started making some funny noises today – but generally in good nick

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