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  • BBQ sweet potatoes?
  • My idea is to prick them with a fork and soak them in salty water for seasoning.

    Steam them tomorrow. Take to friends BBQ where they can be finished off a few a few hours later. Good idea? Anything better.

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    Baked sweet potato is a frequent visitor to my plate!

    Make a mix of BBQ or cajun seasoning, brown sugar and flour and deep fry them. Then re-do on the BBQ

    how do you do yours JonV? It’s for a ‘bring a thing’ BBQ hence thinking finishing them on there would a) taste good b) be in keeping with the party.

    Whole yourguitarhero? Cubed?

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    IMO sweet pots need spices, chilli, pepper, salt, cayenne etc etc.

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    quick scrub and then remove any particularly scabby bits / strands of ‘old granny mole hair’ hanging out of them.

    Then prick all over (like go properly at them) with a fork. Not sure why, i just do but it allows them to ooze sweet stuff which is nice.

    Then around 7-8 mins full power in the microwave. Again not necessary if you can bake them longer, but these are for my tea and once I’m hungry, speed >>> technique. *

    And then maybe 20 mins in the oven – maybe 25 – decide how crispy you want the skins. I do them naked but on a BBQ you might need to foil them for at least part of the cook.

    I add all seasoning and stuff after, but like the idea of a salt bath first.

    * sometimes that’s not exactly true – if I can stave off imminent risk of death by malnourishment for another 10 mins or so, I sometimes cut them open, scoop out the innards (which i then mash with butter, salt and pepper), then quarter the skins and add a handful of grated cheese and maybe some chopped jalapenos and then put them back into the oven to melt the cheese.

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    SPs, cheese and jalapenos sounds fab.

    Best recipe ever for sweet potatoes –

    Take sweet potato from wrapper, put it in the bin for approx 1 week til the lorry comes and takes said bin away.

    In mean time, take proper potato, and either roast, chip or mash with butter and cream.

    Job jobbed.


    Looking forward to them.

    Not looking forward to the 4kg of chicken breast I’m goujoning (flour / egg / breadcrumbs) and small batch deep frying…


    This is my go to way for Sweet Potatoes. Something different and the par boil and prep can be done before hand as I have done it myself.


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