BBC Sports personality of the year

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  • BBC Sports personality of the year
  • Heres the options

    Mark Cavendish (cycling)
    Darren Clarke (golf)
    Alastair Cook (cricket)
    Luke Donald (golf)
    Mo Farah (athletics)
    Dai Greene (athletics)
    Amir Khan (boxing)
    Rory McIlroy (golf)
    Andy Murray (tennis)
    Andrew Strauss (cricket)

    Voting during the show only so whats the chance Cav can win?


    A golf-ist will win.


    I’ll vote for Mark Cavendish, though Mo Farah will come a close second.
    Only these two have mate me jump up and down in front of the telly this year.
    Golf? Cricket? seriously??


    Time to churn out the old adage that golf is a game, not a sport?

    McIlroy will win it, Cav should.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Farah and Cav both in the top 3, but neither will win.

    slainte ➡ rob


    McIlroy won the US Open in 2011 with a record score after earlier in the year having led the US Masters only to blow it at the end.

    He’ll win.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Which of the sports listed features heavily in the BBC schedule?

    Worked it out?

    There is your winner, nothing to do with votes or actual sporting achievement.


    cav should win it for what he has achieved this year. Whether he does who knows


    Craig thomson. Hearts player. Google him. Just a joke.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I was just going to say that Cav has no chance because he’s not everyone’s cup of tea personality-wise. But then with Ryan Giggs and Damon Hill winning, I guess it’s not all down to that.

    The one thing about cyclists is they can be an organised bunch sometimes – a concerted effort to vote for Cav could do it.


    Cav but it will only work if we all vote in the last 20 seconds.


    one of those walk stick batting blokes with check trousers will win it, lycra is gay and the proles will not vote for a gobby midget unless it’s willy carson.

    cycling is not a sport, if it doesnt use ball(s) its not a proper sport in my eyes, cycling is for nancys who like to wear tight lycra 😉


    Some tragic names on that list, Christ.
    Is it really an open, above board vote? If so then can’t see Cav getting the nod – honestly think a lot of people wouldn’t vote for him because they had to slow down for a cyclist on their drive to work.
    Mo Farrah would be a good choice – great to see a UK athlete mixing it up at the top level of distance running.

    Whatever you think of golf, there’s no denying Rory Mcllroy shat all over the field at the US open – total dominance. So if it has to be a Ted sport that wins it I guess he would be the best choice.


    I was just going to say that Cav has no chance because he’s not everyone’s cup of tea personality-wise.

    We all love him now though don’t we? I remember the threads a few years back when most seemed to slag him off.

    Premier Icon 16stonepig

    If he doesn’t win it after the year he’s just had, he never will.

    They missed out David Haye!

    Garrylager – I disagree, I think the list is pretty good for a change. Not sure that Andy Murray deserves a place on it though. I agree with you though about Mo Farrah – he should win.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Cavendish and Murray are the only ones I’ve heard of.

    I stopped watching SPOTY years ago, a couple of hours of dross with only a passing mention of anything I actually care about.


    No Jamie Bestwick thats Lame!

    Where’s Chrissie Wellington on the list?

    Andy Murray – come on! Really?!?!

    Cav for the win, for some weird reason golf is popular but with three golfers they’ll be sure to split the vote from their dedicated fans. Floating voters will have noticed Cav get shortlisted for the last three years and surely everyone loves a world champion.

    The only good thing about Cav not winning is the look of disbelief he does, last year when the fat dart thrower got second (or third) I swear you could see Cav mouthing “FFS”, he looked properly gutted.


    The guy on 5Live this morning (or maybe yesterday) felt that Cav is nailed on.


    Now he’s a world champion. Now he deserves to win.


    Ricky Burns the boxer has had a brilliant year and not even short listed .
    Cav should win but won’t. I haven’t heard of most of the others though.
    That being the case the nominees haven’t exactly set the heather on fire barring Cav.

    A golfer winning a major, something that other British golfers regular win (or at least regular contend in) is a good achievement but cant really compared with what Cavendish (or Farah) has managed this year. Remarkable achievements which are rare for British sportspeople.

    Hope Cav wins this year and Farah wins next year after doing the business at the olympics.


    Cav to win, he ticks all the boxes.

    Huge achievements in his sport
    Massive personality as well! Always a bonus when it’s called Sports Personality of the year. IMO


    Definately an outsider but for me Alastair Cook. His dominant series in Austrailia last Christmas stunning and he kept repeating it, an outstanding achievement ‘away’.

    Struggle to a golfer losing though, but think Luke Donald is a better winner than Mcllroy. Murray shouldn’t be there.

    how come there are no english rugby players on that list? 🙂

    And why no John Terry?

    Premier Icon Woody

    I reckon Cav has a good chance and it’ll be between him and Farah.

    Too many golfers, which will dilute the individual vote, although Clarke will still get a huge number of sympathy votes on top of his deserved ones.

    Big Ted

    Andy Murray got to the semi-finals of all four majors last year, only the seventh man ever to achieve that. It’s all the more impressive as he’s playing in arguably the greatest era of all time, particularly with the year that Djokovic enjoyed. So reckon that his name is as deserved in that list as any others.

    That said, don’t warm to him at all and he’s rightly got no chance of winning this year.


    It’s a pity it’s not based on actual sporting achievement, there would be a lot more cyclists in there.

    Cav is almost in the top ten of Grand tour stage wins ever now, by the end of next season he will be in the top ten mixing it up with Hinault, Coppi and Merckx. Not that that will mean shit to any non-cyclists.

    Premier Icon psling

    In recognition of the new STW, I’ll be voting for one of the female representatives on the list.

    Oh… 😈

    Premier Icon aracer

    Struggle to a golfer losing though

    That might be the case if there was only one of them on the list – as mentioned by others, they’re stuffed with 3 of them on the list splitting the vote. – every single bookie has Cav as favourite, though you get better than evens at most of them, so far from nailed on.
    …in fact doing the calcs, most bookies have the odds of a golfist winning very close to the odds of Cav winning.


    I think that there should be a requirement that all the nominees attend on the night and have to wear their relevant sporting kit. Not for any reason other than it’d look pretty funny 🙂

    Premier Icon binners

    Andy Murray has a personality? Wow! Who knew?


    Cannot believe that non of our triathletes got nominated, Wellngton, Brownlees, Jenkins all had great seasons.

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