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  • Premier Icon Nobby

    Do they think we’re all thick?

    Just watched a report from a flooded street in Helston during which the reporter said there was “over a foot and a half of water” despite it not coming more than half way up his wellies and you could still see the bottom of every vehicle throughout the length of the street.

    Yeah, flooding of any description isn’t good but don’t blatantly exaggerate for effect.


    Nobby I’d imagine they are referring to large areas that have 18 inches of water. The reporter most likely found a slightly shallower spot to stand on. Maybe the reporters have a point with the level they pitch their stories at after all!


    **** nows why they insist on standing in flooded water.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    He was pointing at and directly referring to the street he was in. I know it’s no big deal but when credibility at the Beeb is as low as it is you think they’d keep to the facts.

    And yes, Kuco, why indeed.


    In all honesty I am struggling why you care so much about this hugely important issue about actual water depth accuracy and why you would use it as a stick to beat the BBC – its like you have an agenda or something

    Is it this one where he does not mention 18 ” but says one person had about a foot in her house

    Sorry you were saying about reporting and accuracy

    FAIL 🙄

    Premier Icon Nobby

    No, it was the report on the lunchtime news.


    TBH, it’s not that I care but am bored with the media over stating how bad anything is, the weather, the economy, health etc etc. Why they feel the need to make anything negative even more so escapes me. A few years ago the same report would’ve concentrated on a community pulling together, the fact that despite the flooding the butcher had managed to keep his business going & even that the Landrover is a great vehicle in such conditions.

    it’s not that I care but am bored with the media over stating how bad anything is, the weather, the economy, health etc etc

    And this ‘inaccuracy’ is the straw that broke the camel’s back, is it?

    Get a grip man and enjoy your christmas


    Twelve or eighteen inches of water is irrellevent when its pouring through your house. Just thank your lucky stars its not your street and find something else to do if you’re bored.


    True STW style, attack the op… 🙄


    the BBC has become a joke. Its disappointing.

    Seems we are condemned to daily mail standards of journalism


    The media does exaggerate, which leads to scaremongering, especially when it comes to the economy. If they were a bit more positive,perhaps it would encourage the public to spend a bit more,businesses and manufacturing would increase,the economy would start moving in the right direction and then this country can start to dig itself out of the deep hole its in.


    Dunno if it was that report – there was another report a few days ago with a reporter standing in a field of water, explaining that this used to be a car park but was now under “a lot” of water. Very convincing until the Nissan Micra drove past, showing it was about 2″ deep 😉

    I’m guessing the way I works is:

    Editor: “Drama at Christmas is a great story – go find a big flood and stand in it”
    Reporter: “But boss, it’s only an inch deep!”
    Editor: “Don’t worry about it – no-one can tell with muddy water anyway. Can you find some dwarfs to wade through it?”


    If you think the BBC is a joke, I’d love to know which news outlets you consider to be more credible. The actual depth of flood water is irrelevant, especially to all those people who have had their homes and businesses flooded. Well done for missing the most important issue.


    jules182 – Seems we are condemned to daily mail standards of journalism

    To be honest it gets more and more like the Daily Mail on here everyday. 🙁

    Yeah, well done Nobby. How dare you post about one thing and not something completely different. Beggars belief, it really does.


    True STW style, attack the op…
    Serves him right, I say. Bet he hasn’t even got a 650B S/S rigid Fatbike made out of Nickel impregnated spaghetti, either. 😉

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