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  • pingu66

    Not sure if I am losing it but this seems like nonsense.

    BBC Linky

    MATHS: A pet shop had 40 rabbits.
    22 were male.
    The others were female.
    The shop sold 10 of the rabbits.
    The probability that a rabbit picked at random is male is now 1/2 (0.5).
    How many female rabbits were sold?

    Choices 3, 4 or 5.

    BBC explanation!!!!!

    It’s 3. There were 18 rabbits (40-22=18) originally. To have a 1/2 (one-in-two) chance of picking out a male after 10 were sold, there would need to be 15 of each sex – so 18-15=3.

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    Did you fail English too….. 😉

    I make it 3 female rabbits sold

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    There are (40-10)=30 rabbits post-sale.

    There is now a 50:50 chance of one being male, ie an equal number. Ergo, there are now 15 male and 15 female.

    There was originally (40-22)=18 female rabbits. There is now 15 female rabbits. 18-15=3.



    Works for me now, completely thrown by the first statement of the answer that there were 18 rabbits originally!

    Big thanks, makes sense.

    @wors stealthy edit – long time since I was at school and rely too much on spell checker.

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    Good job you don’t have to sit one those ‘oh so easy’ GCSEs then. That’s not tricky in the big scheme of things.


    I genuinely did OK on the others with a lucky guess on one. But I don’t think the exams are easy! Puts the young people under pressure and expectation.

    Maybe not that tricky but if you get to over thinking then it is.

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