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    Looking for some help. I’ve recently bought a bike fitted with a BB92 push fit bottom bracket. After 3 rides the bearings are dead. Due to some very strange decision by FSA the bearings are none standard sizes. So rather than spend money on another FSA bottom bracket which may last another 3 rides I want to ditch the lot and start again.

    My thoughts are to buy a shimano HTII chainset and something like a KCNC BB92 borrom bracket.

    Anybody done something similar? Any alternatives?

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    I use a HT2 chain set and the Token pressfit bottom bracket in my Lurcher.

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    I’ve used ones from Enduro Fork Seals but you need to order from the US;

    Since I last bought an Enduro one Hope have started making themwhich I’d probably go for next time. Downside is it needs a special £££ tool to fit or needs doing by a LBS (if they have the tool). Once the BB is in, replacement bearings can be knocked in and out of it though.

    I hated the KCNC one I had briefly. I think the BB shell on my bike is exceptionally tight so plastic BB’s such as the Enduro seem to go in a lot easier. The KCNC also needs stupid plastic top hats to size the bearing ID down to the crank axle which I personally hate. Enduro and Hope are the only two that don’t use the top hats I believe.


    I fitted a Hope BB92 bottom bracket and XT crankset to my Pyga, work well and no issues within knackering early, bearing available when they need doing.


    + one for the hope, better bearing and seals, easily serviced, only downside is you need a special tool to fit easily.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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