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  • BB30 has anyone replaced one ?
  • globalti

    I’ve replaced the actual crankset, which is blindingly easy but never the bearings although with the Park Tools bearing remover that looks to be an easy job as well.

    When you replace the crankset be sure to tighten the big bolt to the right torque then re-check it after the first couple of rides.

    HAS anyone replaced a BB30 bottom bracket on a boardman pro mtb .with the fsa english adaptor set up ? what sort of job is it bike shop or have a go at home job ???


    Yep, couple of bearings rs8602 from memory ( Google that before buying) small hammer, flat blade screwdriver and a optionally a pair of circlip pliers.
    And lots of grease

    They are the quickest and simplist BB bearings to replace IMO..

    i was considering getting rid of the BB30 and replacing it with the more traditional “screw” type crc list an adaptor a sort of threaded tube they say pushes in the frame allowing the normal screw type bb to be used any one converted there,s ?


    Why subject yourself to all that expense? BB30 has many critics but it works.


    Have fitted the SRAM bb30-BSA adaptor once for a friend
    Seems to be working just fine but was a old frame and had bb30 bearings were no longer a good fit so I used to expoxy
    To glue the new sleeve in place

    The only good thing about bb30 in my opinion is how cheap the bottom bracket bearings are. £12 for brand new stainless bearings?! Yes please!

    As above it can all be done with a hammer and a screwdriver really. Freeze the bearings and flannel the BB then put warm water over it to help expand it (thanks for those tips mike) then it all goes on lovely, although I used superstars tool to do it.


    I have a sleeve fitted in my road bike and used a headset press to put it in. My Hope BB runs very well, no creaks or groans. Cant say I have noticed any supposed loss of stiffness etc. Easy to fit. Comes with a splodge of Loctite. Make sure the grooved bit is pressed in on the drive side.

    I have bb30 on a cannondale road bike I bought last year. Starting to get creaks recently, and I wonder whether this is the actual bearings, or just the press fit itself

    The latter seems more likely. If it is this, I don’t understand how one of the press fit converter jobbies will help this. It gives you more crank and bb options, but otherwise surely it’s the same?

    Anyway I’ll have a go at refitting the bearings and see what happens. Can anyone recommend the right grease and tools for this job?

    thanks for all the input, seems mixed feelings on BB30s either love em or hate em, maybe il source some better bearings (stainless) and stick with the bb30 set up the original bearings are not up to uk weather.


    They are the quickest and simplist BB bearings to replace IMO.

    +1 tap the old bearings out tap the new ones in, I would recommend popping the seals out of the new bearings and putting some more grease in

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