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  • BB, ring, cranks for SS build
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    Square taper, Middleburn Uno, job done………..

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    above or:

    slightly older Shimano XT hollowtech 2 with a decent bb like hope/pace/chris king.

    Another build question.
    Inbred 29er SS, complete novice when it comes to builds etc so any advice greatly received.
    I’ve been over a number of older threads, a lot seemed to favour square taper.
    Hard-wearing and low maintenance are the key. Oh and please try not to be too ‘techy’ 😉



    I’m seeing a theme here…..

    Cheers for the advice folks.

    Better get saving for the Middleburns then eh?



    All my SS / alfine / fixie setups are made from whatever was already there or in my spares box.

    All of them work perfectly well and all use different crank & bb standards


    Campag compact road cranks, square BB.
    FSA cranks, external BB.
    XT cranks, external BB.
    old Race Face cranks, external BB.

    basically whatever’s been around at the time, normal ‘geared’ cranks with just the one ring spinning on whatever BB they required, no need for anything ‘spethial’

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    Just buy a set of SLX cranks, sell the rings and buy a nice ss ring. As everyone has said, no real need for anything fancy as you wont feel any difference in real terms.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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