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  • luddite

    I would take the bits into your LBS and they will supply you with the correct sealed BB.


    Morning STW,

    This is probably a newbie question but I’ve not had this problem before, my BB has died. It’s not a sealed unit, I’ve had a look and the cages that held the ball bearings were wrecked.

    I want to replace it with a sealed BB but I’m not sure what size to go for. The non drive side cup is about 35mm diameter if that helps. Looks to be the older adjustable 3 piece style.

    I want replace it a sealed unit, does anyone know if this is possible? I bit of research shows I can replace the bearings but I’d rather just do the whole thing. It’s a square taper.



    Someone with more knowledge than me should chime in, but I think the only important thing is just the spindle length, so measure that then find the right equivalent in a sealed unit.

    To make sure you get the right thing then you could just take all the stuff and your frame into your LBS.

    Premier Icon jonathan

    You need to know the shell width, the thread type (probably English, but could be Italian or French) and the spindle length. Then you should be able track down a sealed unit replacement square taper bb.

    Somewhere like SJS should have what you need.


    Thanks. New bearings from LBS fixed it enough for now. Cheers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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