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  • Battlestar Galactica (S3&4) worth the watch??
  • donks

    Ive sat through series 1 and 2 and really enjoyed these but after talking to a couple of mates on Saturday night I got the impression series 3 and 4 were bobbins and I should cut and run….whats the general consensus on here then??

    Premier Icon kimbers

    it does wander a little but still great IMHO, definitely worrth it

    I very much liked the ending too

    Premier Icon kelvin

    It gets better in my opinion. But different.


    If you enjoyed the first two, why wouldn’t you finish the series? Wouldn’t say the ending was dramatic (tell me a show where it was) or unexpected but it worked for me.
    Saying that Caprice never floated my boat and I must sit down and watch Bloody and Chrome


    Stick with it, but dont miss out “Razor” Which fits in somewhere in the 3rd series. Not sure you get that if you are renting from lovefilm etc? Should be in the boxset if you have that though?


    After about 6 years finally got around to watching s03 (up to s03e15) thanks to Netflix, enjoying it but there have been a few filler episodes and a bit of a soapy/melodrama back story. Not as good as s01/s02 but still good

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Your mates are idiots.



    Well if Kimbers endorses it then that’s good enough for me…..wonders off to have a word with so called mates..

    Cheers Guys


    It does lose it’s way at points but well worth sticking with. The ending is bobbins though.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    The final two seasons went a bit off the rails at times and then when they bring it back on track at the end of season 4 they threw a POS ending together that still annoys me.

    “The Plan” was another movie thing supposedly showcasing what the cylons were up to the whole time, but that’s bobbins and shows how the writers were just making it up as they went along and rushed the ending

    Caprica was weird and bore no relation to BSG

    Haven’t watched blood and chrome yet

    Hope that helps

    Irritated son of the West Riding

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I enjoyed BSG all the way through, quite liked the ending as well.

    Blood and chrome was a bit mediocre and Caprica was very tedious, gave up after about 6 episodes.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    To be fair,

    Now I come to think about it, the ending to BSG was a little weak. But it was arguably inkeeping with the running themes throughout.

    Sometimes though, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

    Premier Icon nickc

    Hmmm, it loses its way and the end and some plot devices made me go ” Did you just make that up, you did didn’t you?”

    Still I watched it though

    Premier Icon ChrisL

    I didn’t think that the final season was up to the standards of what came before.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    If you have watched Season 1 & 2 aren’t you wondering how everyone gets on their new planet?

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