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  • battery in backpack or on lid
  • jedi

    trying my glowworm x2 as a helmet light(never used a lid light before) wheres best to mount the battery?
    odds on i bar mount it mid way round 😀

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    Backpack. Less weight on your lid is better.

    If I run 1 light only it is on my helmet. 2 lights I’ll have one there and one on the bars.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    pack, weight on your lid feels ok when you first start but quickly tires your neck causing aches. (hope 4 head unit only is a bit heavy for me)

    Unless it’s a ridiculously light battery of course. I’ve been riding with a joystick permanently on my bonce since about september.

    edit jersey pocket would be better (if possible) obviously, taking your pack off for a mechanical can lead to problems.

    ive got the same one – light on helmet with battery in pack, its plenty long enough to fit in a bag i just run the wire out of the hole for my hydration bladder in my back pack, works a treat

    its a cracking helmet light


    Same here, battery in my pack, again if i had to run one light it would be helmet mounted. I use the gloworm x2 on my lid and it’s great.


    Back pocket/backpack. The less weight on your head the better I reckon.


    edit jersey pocket would be better (if possible) obviously, taking your pack off for a mechanical can lead to problems.


    Wear old roady jersey with back pocket under other clothes so battery and cable have even less chance of snagging on anything when removing pack or jacket etc.

    Battery in jersey pocket (I’m not a fan of big backpacks on short rides).

    If the cables long enough, run it down, and up the inside of the jersey, or if not, loop it through the helmet strap at the back to keep it from flapping arround.


    Prefer to attach the battery to the lid. It’s only a matter of time before you take your pack off with the battery still connected.


    Backpack. As others have said, I’d pick a helmet light over a bar mounted light any time, it’s really nice to be able to look into corners plus it’s a big boon for spotting “that wee trail off into the trees somewhere around here…”

    Premier Icon composite

    I have tried gaffer taping it to the back of the lid when I had a piss pot style helmet it wasn’t so bad (not great) but on my new “normal” style one it was just too heavy.

    Tried putting it in a back pocket on a roady style jersey but it was to heavy and made the pocket gape open and was uncomfortable.

    Now I drop in the top pocket of my pack or I use a light weight-ish torch.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Backpack- in that daft wee pocket on the top that’s normally pretty useless. I’ve got a wee cable tie thing on the back of my helmet to keep the wire under control, it can be irritating otherwise. Don’t need much free cable at all.

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    Premier Icon shortcut

    Jersey pocket – keeps the weight down on your lid and let’s you remove the backpack and still see what you’re looking at.

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