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  • Bath riders beware of the ticks
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    One quick blast of Uni woods then Conkwell woods with a friend and we came home with over 20 of the little blood sucking beasts.  Really small nymph stage ticks but horrible all the same.

    Check  yourself!

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    They’re everywhere currently – our dog picked one up for the first time in the local woods.

    Same here in Dalby forest, had 4 on me after a ride last week…

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    our dog picked one up for the first time in the local woods.

    Bravecto tablets will sort that for you, remarkably effective anti tick treatment. Shame they can’t make a human version.


    Luckily never come across them where we ride but seems that publicity about the problems they can cause is growing which is good. Read this today on BBC. Sounds horrific and misdiagnosis must be so frustrating.

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    This from CaudwellLyme charity about the NICE guidelines, it’s a worthwhile read:

    What does the NICE guideline for Lyme disease say?


    I seem to have had more this year than in the last few years. Had a few “hiding” too when you spot them and realise they must have been there for at least 24 hrs :-/

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    In before tom_1987…

    I had loads crawling up my arm last week (Highlands), I must have brushed against a piece of bracken or branch with loads of them on and they jumped aboard. Luckily as there were several I felt them before they got a chance to latch on, I don’t usually notice them until they’re firmly feasting on my goolies.


    We can find as many as 12 on the dogs each day after their morning walk – tick twister and a sticky lint roller are the weapons of choice – stick em on the roller and squish them with a thumbnail is very satisfying


    I’ve had 4 ikle wikle ones so far this year , 3 I found within an couple of hours & 1 I found the site after it dropped off   :  (

    I have now got some permethrin spray , commence chemical warfare!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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