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  • Bass recipes anyone?
  • Off to the fish market tomorrow for some Bass, probably just want to pan fry to keep things simple but has anyone got any good ideas to go along with that?


    good luck, I hear its totally addictive.

    (dont cook it with mint, honestly its horrible!)
    but thats all the chat I have on the subject..

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    Keep it simple no need to complicate matter.

    If you really want then just sprinkle the fish with two tea spoons of salt to let it marinate for a while then pan fry it whole. Then pour a bit of light soy sauce over it that’s it really.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    This recipe for lemon sole works just as well with most other things. It seems like theres alot going on but you are cooking the fish amongst a lot of nice stuff rather than interfering with it (if that makes sense)


    Papillot ( bad spelling)
    Make a foil parcel,stuff the inside of the fish with herbs/dill/parsley/shallots….salt/pepper,knob of butter and a glug of white wine…seal parcel,cook at 180 for 20-25 mins….very nice and you’ve got a ready made light sauce,whisk in creme fraiche to make fancier…

    Premier Icon ton

    pan fried in a bit of butter.
    fish needs no fancying up to taste good.


    Leave the skin on, bit of salt n pepper, fry it skin side up first then flip it over to finish.
    In another pan fry some sliced garlic and a small chopped chilli, pour this over the fish and serve with some fresh green salad.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    Some good ideas above, especially the parcel one. Bass works well in Asian style dishes too, eg with ginger and lemongrass. It’s quite nice if you are going to pan fry it to colour the skin initially, be careful not to over cook, find a recipe with timings and stick to it (a good shortcut is to heat pan with little oil/butter brown skin for a short time then put pan into oven at say 160 and finish the cooking – it only needs a few mins and keeps fish moist)

    Based upon your request for what goes with, google “crushed jersey royals” recipe on bbc website – they work really well and are easy to do, then add some other simple veg – say wilted spinage.

    Quite nice to have a sauce, butter based, but not too much



    Second what jambalaya says. A nice gingery peppery stir fry with a pan fried fillet laid on top is quite nice and a bit different. But, yeah, in general, don’t muck about with it too much. (I think most people know this anyway)


    You can’t go wrong with a large helping of Kim Deal

    I had a fillet of Bass dish whilst on holiday in Scotland a few years ago, it was panfried with a crispy skin served with a seafood broth sauce lemon mash and spring greens.


    Done it recently, pan fried, and with thinly sliced chorizo, garlic and peas fried off separately, then with a squeeze of lemon and some rough chopped mint to finish. Very tasty.

    Rob Hilton

    What is with “pan frying”? I hate seeing that on restaurant menus!
    And oven baked/oven roasted/hand cut.

    Why not just fry?

    How many other ways do you fry things?

    Deep & …

    /Mini-rant over

    I think I’ll be keeping it simple like Ton says. Some good ideas there though once I’ve had a bit practice, thanks everyone.
    I had ‘Seared Bass’ at The Crannog in Fort Willy last May & it was **** lovely!


    when you serve it be sure to go ‘Bass in the place london’ or errr wherever you live ‘Bass in the place milton keynes’ ?!

    So we had ‘Bass in the place Boroughbridge’, which was fried in butter with a bit salt with fresh salad (as opposed to 4 day old salad) & herby baby spuds. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I think the guy at the fish market cocked up though cos I got 2 Bass, 2 Sea Bream, 16 big raw prawns & 3 large squid for £12.50.

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