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  • Bash and inner guide vs full top guide?
  • I don’t believe we’ve had this exact thread, yet… Swapping to a Zee short cage clutch mech from an X9 medium cage mech, and debating getting either a Hope chain guide or taking my bash ring off, putting some shorter bolts in and getting an MRP 1X or Superstar XCR. Obviously the latter will be lighter but won’t protect my chain from being smashed into things (but I’m better at hopping nowadays and as I’m on a hardtail the BB is never that low). Which will be more secure? Which will be least prone to problems in the mud, especially with loose leaves and twigs turning the mud into a perfect housebuilding material for Anglo-Saxon Britain?

    Which will give my drivetrain the longest life (mud vs protection)? Will the Superstar XCR in orange/white look nice on an orange Soul? Does anyone know for sure if the Hope chainguide seat tube mounting version comes with the right shims to fit a skinny seat tube? Will a BB mount work better because it’ll stay more accurately aligned with the chainring under heavy pedalling load? Why do I have so many questions and does anyone actually care? 😉

    I guess ‘no’ is the answer to the final question…

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    don’t quite know what you’re describing but, might this be relevant ?

    It would be if there was clearance on my frame, but sadly it won’t fit past the chainstay.

    If Wiggins wasn’t clean would he know the answers? 😉

    I ran a BBG Bashring really light and thin, With a N-gear jump stop.

    Cheap but very light and effective setup.

    I believe a few on here have used the same set up.

    If anyone has the same query about the Hope chainguide (seat tube mount), I finally found this enlightening document:

    Ordered one today so will report back…

    Received my Hope chainguide yesterday. Despite it being advertised as for 34.9/31.8/28.6mm seat tubes, it only fits 34.9mm – if you want it to fit a smaller seat tube you have to either bodge a shim yourself or buy the correct size shim for £5 extra from Hope. Kudos to Rutland Cycling for sending me the part free of charge, though I remain unimpressed by Hope’s response (especially as my bike looks like it’s sponsored by them!)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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