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  • Premier Icon goldengus

    Can anyone recommend me one?

    Seen the Endura Baa Baa…

    Premier Icon dti

    i have a howies nbl which I have worn loads and loads of times for four years still like new.


    I don’t like merino; I think it was massively overhyped as a base layer and performs less well than synthetic ones. In my experience, it gets wet and stays wet for far longer than manmade stuff. It may well be warmer, but I’d rather not wear a wet woolly jumper.


    I’ve used the baa baa long sleeve and short sleeve for the past couple if years.
    They are good at keeping you warm but do hold a lot of moisture.
    May try the fox base layer this year or the Endura transmission.


    Helly hansen lifa.. great wicking properties and keeps me nice and toastie. In scottish winter I have seen me wear just this and an endura soft shell..:)

    Planet x for a light weight one for spring and autumn use.


    Had Baa-Baa, Helly hansen Lifa, and Patagonia over the years, none have really matched up to their claims, merino probably being the most over-hyped of the lot. The best i’ve tried came from The Mountain Warehouse, was called Tallus Parallel (or Parallel Tallus), and was being knocked out for £8 a go last time I looked.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Helly Lifa here. I like it so far. Seems good in cold or hot. I stopped using my Merino Baa baa, didn’t get on with it and it seemed to always make me itch. 😕

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Got a couple of Howies merino baselayers and really like them. They do get moist but they do stay warm and keep you warmer than other materials.

    However, I’ve been wearing Hely Hanson Lifa baselayers since the 80s and they are great. Polypropylene is great for warm and wicking but they don’t call them Smelly Hely’s for nothing!

    I’ve got a Vaude merino/poly mix baselayer and its a good compromise between the two.

    And finally while it is a compromise I always find in winter when I’m often riding in a waterproof and a baselayer you boil in the bag and get wet whatever you wear.


    go to uniqlo and buy heat-tech tops. They very good and reasonably priced. Don’t have big lifestyle logos though.

    I have a couple of bamboo base layers which are great . I got mine from here…


    I only buy Craft baselayers now (which model depending on season/use), got rid of all my merino stuff (they really aren’t that good IMO). The only real plus point with merino seems to be you can wear it for weeks and not stink (much) but personally I always wash my kit after every ride so that wasn’t really a selling point for me.


    I’ve got a duofold base layer that I’ve had for about 18 years, I’m not sure if you can still get them, but if you can I recommend them. It’s a mix of polyester and wool and is the best of both worlds.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Rab do a fabric called MeCo which is a mix of merino wool and a polyester with carbonised coconut husks integrated into the yarn. It’s expensive, but it works really nicely. Wicks and dries almost as fast as polyester but has all the anti-pong and comfortable feel of merino.

    Otherwise I think it depends a lot on how sweaty you are. if you run cold and don’t sweat much, merino is ace, though expensive. If you run on the hot side, synthetics or a mix wick better and dry much faster.

    Merino’s funny stuff, it works by absorbing more moisture than synthetics and holding it away from the skin so it stays comfortable, but beyond a certain point, it gets wet and takes ages to dry.

    Everyone’s different, which is probably why opinions on different fabrics vary so much.

    Premier Icon goldengus

    cheers for the advice, synthetic looks good. Seems there is more affordable options out there!

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Have Helly, Falke, Icebreaker, and Odlo. Of that lot, Odlo is the one I go to the most, for skiing, MTBing, and spending long days out in the cold. Icebreaker merino is nice, but feels heavy, and only use when skiing in minus 30.

    Will order a couple more Odlo tops soon.

    Premier Icon Suggsey

    I have an Endura Ba ba and agree with another poster that it is itchy against the skin compared to my old trusted original Howies three quarter zip base layer. the trick with the merino is to wear it with a super breathable jacket, my extreme winter combo is the Howies top pared with a Rab Generator Smock. Both will eventually wet out but you are talking after 4 odd hours at high intensity but also both will stay warm when wet.
    As for merino with any waterproof, I wouldnt bother and would say go with man made fibres.


    Merino baa baaaa two sizes too big as they shrink like crazy

    Stays warm when wet unlike poly stinky that gets cold and chills you !

    When it gets proper cold I wear a buffalo shirt on the top to keep proper toasty


    I’ve also got a short sleeve one from decathlon, that’s good too. Very soft and comfortable material, had it about 18 months, it’s holding up well.


    Chapeau do a nice lightweight short sleeved merino base layer.

    Tom KP


    The decathlon ones are very good and cheap.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I think Merino can be hit and miss. I have a Baa Baa which is ok, an old Howies NBL which is excellent and a couple of IceBreaker ones which are reasonable, although not as durable.

    I have a Helly Warm, which is a mix of Merina and synthetic, which is head and shoulders above all the others in terms of warmth and not getting too soggy.

    I also have a couple of dhb synthetic ones which are crap

    I’ve alos got one of those PSA retro Kona ones that I’ve washed but never worn – anyone wanna buy it (L) ? 😛


    My smartwool have been excellent but my hellys are still going strong. I have a helly here that’s probably 15 years old…


    HH Lifa for me as well, all year round.

    They last years, dry quickly and are a good fit on the downside they pong after one 1 ride.

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