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  • squin

    As above. Exactly 1″ The part the grips and controls go on is 7/8″

    Yuo can get shims to take your 25.4 bars upto a 31.8 aswell. They come supplied with the Guessett Staff stem, but you’ll be able to buy em separate.


    You can get stem shims if, as I think, you’re trying to use a 25.4mm bar.

    I’ve used them without incident. On my SS for about 5 years now. Easton actually make/made some.

    These used to be much cheaper, i’m still using mine but i remember it was something like £6, now it’s £19!

    I think the classifieds will be your friend here, loads of people will have this stuff lying around not being used as it’s uncool. 😀



    What was the standard diameter pre 31.8, can anyone remind me please?

    Also, does anyone have a 50/60mm old standard stem that they’ve move on from and want to move on for much cheapness?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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