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  • z1ppy

    Some tape to increase the width of the bar, making the elastic band/strap taut. Never had an issue with the std bar mounts when using a bit of tape..

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I noticed my rubber-banded chinese lights were fine on my cheapo alu bars but not on carbon. So I add a single wrap of some sort of non-smooth tape… Cloth wiring loom tape is perfect, self amalgamating tape seems fine too, masking tape is alright. Just something to give it something to grip to.

    Sounds faffy but in reality is faster than fitting most more solid clamps.

    For my old torches I took a cheap quickrelease mount- from an electron I think- and added a super-stylish jubilee clip around the torch. Ugly but effective.

    Premier Icon FOG

    We have had a lot about lights lately including bar versus helmet mountings. I always end up using a helmet mount because it stays firmer, I find bar mounted lights end up pointing at the front wheel usually at the most inappropriate moment.
    I have tried the block mounts that take torch style lights and the ones you get with XML T6 lights but none stay straight for very long.
    What have people found to work on bar mounts to keep them pointing at a useful distance?


    That Hope Clamp from CRC will fit all Magicshine-Type lights. Its good too!


    I’ve used the clampfoff my old Lumicycle lamp, it looks remarkably like the Hope clamp linked to above and is solid on the bars.


    The Hope clamp linked above is great. That’ll fix your problems. Much nicer looking than the rubber band mounts too.


    Just make your own like I did with spare bits? Mines not moved even a millimeter over around a year of having it mounted like this.


    anyone had any joy with an alternative to the solarstorm x2 rubber bands?

    Premier Icon Simon

    I’ve been using an old Lumicycle bar mount on my Magicshine copy since the original mount snapped off.

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