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  • Bar ends who uses them??
  • Bar ends, what width bars and what grips do u use?
    Post pics please

    Premier Icon everyone

    Using KCNC ones on my SS and Ritchey ones on my race bike. Using ~640ish flat bars. I originally got them for the SS to help with climbing but then loved having somewhere else for my hands when I was just cruising along. Running ESI grips so I don’t get any sort of odd transitions.

    Sorry can’t post pics at the minute.


    ESI grips, 760 flats. I have long arms, and a deeply unfashionable bike 😉

    Good for getting your climb horn on tho

    Premier Icon oliverracing

    use mine occasionally (can’t find any pics with them on though) – with ESI grips and a 630mm bar (very low rise – but changing to a flat bar soon)

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    KCNC ones on my Tuareg. Matches the KCNC bar, stem, spacers etc

    Premier Icon Normal Man

    On my 29er ht I use Spesh overendz bar ends and xc lock on grips. The bars are 700mm.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Have a chuckle, two different sizes of Ergon’s:

    Don’t have a beard either. 😉

    I use these… On both bikes. Would not use anything else. Can ride all day. Get the smaller size as the big one is quite large.


    640mm Mt Zoom bar, Ergon grips/barends.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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