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  • jedi

    Anyone been? What’s it like as a resort

    Look on Snowheads…

    Not been but unless things have changed, there are some major issues getting up the hill at peak times

    Or This…

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    I had a good time there around 8 years ago, a friend of a friend owns a chalet there. The standard of service was poor, facilities a bit dodgy (resort not his chalet!) but decent snow and lift ticket prices. Rough round the edges but good for sure


    I’ve been a few times & would go back. Small ski area so pretty repetitive & not too challenging if you’re a good boarder but great for beginners.

    The main Gondola can be like a scrum when it first opens 8:30ish move pretty quickly a bit later & once you’re up on the mountain it’s no problem.

    You can board on the ski road back into town, it’s lit up too. There’s an outdoor bar on the ski road with a huge fire pit which is pretty good. Some decent bars & places to eat too.


    Main lift out of resort gets busy in the morning but that is the same at any ski resort. The restaraunts on the mountain are good and cheap. But skiing very limited if you’re anything other than a beginner. You can ski/board it in one morning so if you’re there for a week it gets very repetitive.


    cheers guys.

    There were some problems with thefts of kit , but this was years ago and it might be different now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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