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  • portydave

    It would seem this is probably a long shot, but I’m looking for a banshee rune frame in large, or maybe even x large. Anyone seen any in stock? I seem to have reached a dead end!



    Sorry mate but you got no chance…..!

    I’ve been waiting since January for mine and it only turned up last weekend.
    Massive massive delays and my mate has just put his deposit down and was told 2014 range which are arriving September

    Banshee have offered people who owned the old rune new frames so they are making frames to sell and frames to replace others, meaning silly waiting times.

    All the best,


    You’ve got a longish wait mate.

    I was lucky because I wasn’t fussed about colour so got hold of the last none sold one that Blazing Bikes could get hold of. There is another batch due in on 30th June so it may be worth contacting a few stockists in case someone had changed their mind.

    Failing hat it’s Septemer for the 2014 ones (the new fluro green looks ace). If you don’t mind waiting, I don’t hunk you’ll be disappointed, I love mine. I’ve only done a few rides on it, but its ace. Climbs pretty well given the heft and isa total hoot on the descents…if anything I’d say its dangerous because they encourage yo to let the brakes go. I had two massive near misses on me yesterday pushing way too hard.

    Here’s a pic (sorry, couldn’t resist and I’m really pleased with it).

    Get the Cane Creek shock too. The Fox CTD shock felt a bit poo on the I’ve I demo’d whereas I really like the DBa.


    Forgot to say, give Blazing Bikes in Church Stretton a buzz because they seem to sell a fair few and may have or know of the odd unsold one.


    cheers folks, as I expected!


    What a shame, you will just have to put up with your shitty carbon Laqueire!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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