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  • wrecker

    I like this;

    I want to know how much it costs (w/build kit) and how much it weighs.


    😯 why lower the BB even more, the Spitty is already low enough (i have a 2014 one).

    As for weight, they’re not exactly light (mines around 34-36lbs), but by heck a very capable bike. As for HA, this is marketing gone bonkers, no-one needs something that slack, we’re in DH territory here and the bikes are become cumbersome on singletrack.

    EDIT: ps. short chainstays again =loose the stability at speed, so not exactly Enduro, have i missed something here?

    Sui – Member

    EDIT: ps. short chainstays again =loose the stability at speed, so not exactly Enduro, have i missed something here?

    You missed the bit where the seat angles steepens, the head angle slackens, and the front end gets longer, so the shortened chainstay is part of abunch of changes. Suspect te bike is much the same length as before, maybe even longer, with the rider moved forward slightly. You can’t just look at the shorter chainstay in isolation and say the bike is less stable.

    Looking very cool!

    Updated geometry on the Rune and Spitfire, making them MORE ENDURO!!! 64.5 deg head angle for your 160mm bike? And run a 180mm fork to go even slacker if you like! Rune BB height now 12mm lower, Spitfire 6mm lower. Both slightly shorter of chainstay, longer reach and steeper seat angles (especially on larger sizes).

    Premier Icon al

    The full details of the 2016 range are in the catalogue

    Loving the blue w/yellow Phantom.


    ah, they’ve kept proper wheel sizes..

    The Spitfire has hardly changed – 4mm off the chainstays and 3mm more reach and 6mm lower BB. So with the same fork length it used to be:
    26 = 330 / 336 / 342
    27.5 = 340 / 346 / 352
    Now it’s:
    26 = 324 / 330 / 336
    27.5 = 334 / 340 / 346
    Just a bit better optimised for most riders on 27.5

    The Rune has changed more – bear in mind that when it was launched back in 2013 it was as close to a downhill bike as anything pedalable had been. Lots of bikes have come along since then with similarly aggressive geometry. The main change is the BB being 12mm lower makes it the same height with 27.5 wheels that it used to be with 26 wheels.

    The lower BB means you can run it in the highest position to get the same BB height as the older version but half a degree steeper (65.5), better for more singletracky stuff, or go FULL ENDURO in the slackest lowest setting (or halfway in between). And although it’s now longer (like the Spitfire always was) it hasn’t gone too extreme, so you weight the front wheel a bit better with a short but not super short stem.

    Sui, how did you make your Spitfire that heavy?! I thought mine had a burly build and it’s still only 31.5lbs!

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    They look superb.
    I like all the updates.


    Hello Cheif, always rely on the most detail with you.

    A mix of ported parts from my old Gspot, but key things,

    Hope Pro II’s on 721’s – tubed with HRII
    SLX cranks
    Saint Brakes (MK2) (200 rotors)
    Saint Shifter
    DX clipped pedals

    the rest is fairly normal though
    Renthal Stem and Bar combo
    Reverb Stealth
    10speed, shadow with oneup 42 expander
    MRP Chain device

    I did go tubeless and for while they were great, until the rear went then i couldn’t be bothered to sort it, front is still Tubeless though (i think).

    every little bit helps as they say.

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