Bank transfer for buying goods (ebay)

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  • Bank transfer for buying goods (ebay)
  • astura

    looking to get something for my motor off ebay but its 150miles away, its pretty hefty so I have asked the guy if I could arrange a courier to get it collected – he is fine with this but has said he would prefer cash on collection or bank transfer. Havent used this method through ebay before – has anyone else is it secure, If I never received anything – could I get my money back? (200quid)

    Tell them no chance.


    found the info I was after, it came to me what to type in google once I had wrote my message on here 🙂


    no as you would have no protection, it is outside ebay rules, and it is almost definitely a con.

    NO NO and NO


    Used this method in the past but only for small amounts. Wouldn’t even consider it for £200.


    Trouble is if you use PayPal when someone is collecting it leaves the seller open to scams. Can understand why he would want it that way.


    Under no circumstances would I accept anything but cash if someone was collecting and bank transfer is as good as cash.

    Otherwise the seller is open to scams as the buyer can open a claim and you have no proof of posting/delivery to say you sent the items.

    Seems if it was a collection only listing then it’s your lookout if you aren’t able to collect.

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    cash on collection is OK – I guess you make sure it’s real cash and if you’re very paranoid or it’s a lot of cash, go to bank with the buyer and pay it in right then.

    Transfer, I’d imagine, is open to scammage


    Sorry for the hijack but I’m in a similar situation. Saw a bike with a £1400 buy it now. I offered £1200 before the auction finished and he said no. Now the auction has ended and the item didn’t sell he’s emailed to ask if I’m still interested and he can do £1300 PayPal or £1260 transfer. As the auction has finished it presumably won’t be a eBay transaction anyway will it? So is there any more protection for me to use paypal?


    i sold a set of ENVE Road wheels, buyer paid by bank transfer, no issues, was just under a grand


    If you send him money through paypal outside of EBay, you can see select “Goods” instead of gifts.

    Do your research on this option – i’m not sure exactly how much protection you get when buying goods.


    cash or bank transfer is pretty standard if you are collecting in person but seeing as it’s not you that’s doing the collecting you probably don’t want to pay before you have the goods in your poseesion, and the guy selling probably wants it in advance i guess, which I wouldn’t do


    Is it an individual or a breakers yard you’re buying from?

    Wouldn’t bank transfer to an individual but probably would to a breakers yard after lots of checks.

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    If he specified collection on his listing and you’re asking to use a courier then you can’t really get all para about being scammed as well.

    Wonder if some of the people responding above actually read and comprehended the OP.

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