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  • bank overdrafts….
  • Premier Icon lyons
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    I just have a quick question really about overdrafts…

    basically, i was wondering, with most banks ( nationwide to be precise) how much in general do you need to be paying into an overdraft, to prevent the bank trying to claim it all back? Just as there may be a period where i willn ot be getting paid…

    Cheers, Andy

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    Its usually an amount going into the account each month that is of interest to them – £1,000 is probably an average, but speak to them ASAP – it’ll be less painful that way.

    Premier Icon lyons
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    haha, it wouldnt be anywhere near that much…

    Premier Icon Steve-Austin
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    As long as its an agreed overdraft you’ll be ok for a bit, as long as you keep putting a bit in. it depends on what bank and the amount of the overdraft.
    check moneysavingexpert for this sort of thing. Its a brilliant site for money stuff

    Premier Icon geetee1972
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    Nationwide isn’t a bank its a building society

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