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  • Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Pandas are the only way , how cool would that be in your back garden !!


    Well, so far I’ve found nothing that does it in one go.

    Keep pulling out the long horizontal roots (messy lawn time!!) And keep applying stump killer and it’s slowly dying back.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Working with a similarly stubborn Vinegar Tree, I chopped it off above ground, drilled the stump and filled the holes with weedkiller. Then on hands and knees in the garden armed with a big syringe and needle, stripped out the roots and injected weedkiller if I couldn’t pull the root out.

    Its worked, no re growth in the second year and previously I was pulling shoots up all over the lawn every 2 weeks.

    Strangely I’ve just been through this with a customer and while weed killer seems to do something it’s not that impressive I’ve found that the only way is to remove the roots. Luckily they don’t seem to root that deeply and are fairly easy to get out but the problem you have is your lawn. If you carefully cut the turf where the roots go with a single cut to open it, not remove it you should be able to close it again tidily and with a little growth any marks will disappear.

    Good luck…

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    My neighbour had this problem with a small bamboo forest in in front garden. After a few weeks of pulling up the roots he realised what a mission it would be. So he hired a mini digger and dug up the whole lot, he then got a few tonnes of top spoil delivered and started a new lawn from scratch.

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    I moved in to my place 3 years ago, had a couple of shoots in our lawn from next door, we mowed them for a bit.
    I googled the shizz out of how to get rid of it, the only way is to dig it up and put in a physical barrier to any remaining plant, this means concrete or steel.

    We ended up having to dig up about 8m² of the neighbours garden and about 3-4m² of ours to get rid of it.

    This has resolved the issues now.

    It’s crap but you are gonna have to get physical.

    Anything you leave in the ground will re-grow.


    I’ve had the same problem.
    Pull up the runners, and cut all the shoots right back.
    Also, don’t walk on the lawn in bare feet, those pencil-like spikes can cause a lot of pain.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    those pencil-like spikes can cause a lot of pain

    There are plenty of Vietnam POW’s who would unfortunately confirm that.

    Premier Icon Pook

    Copper nails in the root?


    slow but effective way is to inject weedkiller through the early growing season.

    Odd question.
    House we moved into at the end of last year has some bamboo in the garden. Now I’ve seen some bamboo which just grows in one place fine but this stuff seems to be going bonkers. From what I think is the original bit of it, there are strands of it going out 10/15ft under the lawn and popping up all over the place. Not just new shoots, its all attached to the original bit by loooong horizontal roots.

    So, how do I kill it? Tried some stuff you rub on the leaves and it didn’t do a thing. Can you buy napalm from B&Q? Just want something that’ll get rid of it all completely.

    Premier Icon twisty

    If you don’t have any pets/little kids then I suggest getting a batch of Glyphosphate weedkiller. Cut the bamboo back, and then nuke the whole area every couple of weeks paying special attention to any new growth. You should win after a year or two.

    I couldn’t do this because we have a dog. I did lots of sessions with a mattock trying to dig up all the roots, I won battles but didn’t win the war as if I left it for a few weeks the bamboo would just grow back. I eventually gave up and sold the house.

    Edit: Glyphosphate will kill your lawn grass, but wars cannot be won without casulties.


    Moses – Member
    Also, don’t walk on the lawn in bare feet, those pencil-like spikes can cause a lot of pain.

    I hadn’t thought of that 🙁 It’s starting to appear from next door and i’ve two kids under seven that love being outside.

    Cheers all. Sounds like digging it out is the only way to go then – we need/want to remodel the garden a fair bit anyway so ideal time (and we have two young kids so nuking everything wouldn’t be ideal although it would stop next doors cat from sh*tting everywhere).

    Premier Icon charliemort

    I did a bit of googling in this. Approach seems to be dig a trench around plant, chop out the runners, then put in a barrier – there’s plasticky type stuff you can buy


    I use root stump killer. When you cut off the stems you have about 10 seconds to apply max strength roundup neat with a paintbrush. Digging it up also works, but it will come back.

    And the panda solution has been done…

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    Dissolve it in carbon disulphide, causing wide spread, biologically harmful pollution, force the mush through a spinneret to make thread, knit ‘base layers’ to out of it and sell it to eco-concious consumers for £20 a pop. Label it as ‘bamboo’ ideally on a potato-printed cardboard swing ticket tied on with hairy string. On that ticket you can make claims about the environment, wicking abilities, and antibacterial qualities that were all true up to the point you dissolved the stuff in carbon disulphide. If anyone reads that then hopefully they won’t realise they’ve actually bought a cheap rayon tshirt. 🙂

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    Pandas from orbit… tis the only way

    Premier Icon frogstomp

    Did a clump a couple of months ago – cut right back, several applications of glysophate over a few weeks and then dug out with a pick axe. No sign of anything coming back thus far..

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Likewise have a bamboo problem. Come over from neighbour’s garden where they’d let it go nuts, then finally cut it all down, but now it’s popping up all over my lawn.

    I pull the shoots up where I can, they get a chop with the mower, but still sprout up fast. A few I can get a good enough hold to get to the root and the root stretches all the way down the lawn. Rips a line through the lawn pulling it out. Still more grow though.

    Maybe get into the panda breeding business and watch some panda sex, though I believe they don’t get it on much.


    Maccruiskeen +1
    Either that or dig up all the rhizome

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