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  • hora

    Think about the poor folk who had/have Alopecia. I know two blokes who had it, one lost every single hair on his head at the age of 18 to date. The other knocked his head and had huge patches missing. Both good looking fellas having a huge knock on their confidence at a young age.

    Male pattern baldness is gradual and can be seen/gotten used to compared.


    When your grass is getting a bit patchy its time to get a patio 😉

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    Muke +1

    Once you start taking a strimmer to your head once a week, the very idea of ever buying any kind of hair product ever again becomes an ridiculous and unnecessary fuss. Shampoo is superfluous. Never mind any overpriced snake oil.

    Its very liberating to get the clippers out on a monday morning, rorm them over your bonce, and know that that’s your ‘haircare routine’ taken care of for the next week 😀


    You are certainly promoting a product

    He’s not promoting a product as such…he’s promoting Minoxidil 5%…which is available in any number of products as a solution to baldness and offering his feedback on some of them.

    Useful information for people who might be considering it.

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    Has nobody really said it yet?

    Wedding picture (ah, that was someone else) er Homer Simpson look-a-like picture, followed by current picture. Come on…


    😆 @ binners, your posts crack me up.


    Dezb: You know what, you’re right, but I haven’t got any that really show it. I mean top down shots with plenty of light, etc. Should have done as a comparison, but didn’t.

    For some reason I used to avoid photos with my head down, hair in shot……!

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    As someone here has already said, being bald or shaving your remaining hair is probably the best my hair has ever looked. If I could get my hair back, I think back to the photo’s of my unruly wavy hair that never did what I wanted it to do, and I would refuse. As for rubbing goo on your head twice a day, jeez, even taking pills when your’e ill twice a day is hard enough without forgetting to do it. As for that photo of what bald men think they look like, well if I had the time I’m sure I could find similar shots of men with full heads of hair. It isn’t about what’s on your head, it’s about what’s inside it that counts.

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    If it helps some people out: Chapeau!

    Very good

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