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  • My eldest is ready to move off his balance bike but not sure what I should be looking for. Whats the best current first pedal bike in peoples opinion? Obviously theres Islabike. What else for sensible money?

    Like the look of the Specializeds but roller brakes? WTF? So they’re out…

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    Don’t discount the coaster brakes. My eldest was fine on a specialized with one.

    He is now on a saracen bolt which is noisla bike but was really good value. He is on 16″ wheels at four and a half and the bike fits nice. my only issue with the bike was the poor v brakes So he now has an old parallel push v brake out back. When I find a spare noodle the front is going the same way!

    Premier Icon althepal

    My boy just got a ridgeback mx14. He’s mastered his balance bike and can pedal himself on his heavy but wasn’t getting on with his heavy fixed hub kids bike..
    He seemed to be having probs when he stopped pedalling as if he was wanting to coast along and the pedals were hitting his legs so the Ridgeback should be much better.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    The obvious stw choice of an islabike.. cnoc14 or 16 depending on height.
    They are excellent little bikes and resale value makes it a no brainer for me. Just helitape em up well.

    Cnoc 14/16

    The resale value of the Cnoc is high, so ownership cost isn’t high. Good bikes too.

    Premier Icon andyfla

    Obviously theres Islabike.

    I cant believe this went any further – its is the way forward

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    Ridgeback are great kids bikes but look at the residuals calculation before saying they are too expensive is acquisition cost less resale value = bike cost.

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    Frogbikes are similar to Isla, but cheaper.

    Personally, we’ve went with a new Islabike Cnoc14, followed by a second hand Beinn20 (small)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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