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  • Baku travel/visa/immigration query.
  • trail_rat

    I know a few on here travel too and from baku regularly – konabunny/caspian etc

    Its my first time here and a new start immigration woman at our office has told our ops manager that as i didnt register my passport with authoritys within 3 days i will likely have to pay a 300manat fine to get out.

    Ive just trolled the embassys website and can only find referance to registering with authorities if im here for more than 30days in one trip – anyone come across this before or is she just blind ?

    Multi entry business visa if it makes a difference.

    Dont really fancy ending up in the uk with 300 extra manats! ( +/- 300 quid)


    Ah cock. Its not on their embassys site its on our fco site……guess ill be off to get 300manat out the bank!

    Changed on april 1st.

    Guess the new womans good at her job :)( other than not telling me to do it )

    Premier Icon mugsys_m8

    Drop me an e mail to remind me to give you all my knowledge. But yes it is new but it is not necessarily your issue but more your hotel etc. I have made it out several times without being fined. But I think I only have exited via.the Georgian border since the new rules. Danj dot heywood at gmail dot com.

    Enjoy Finnegan’s and Infinity….

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    You do need to drop into a phone shop belonging to the national operator and register your IMEI or you’ll find that after about 14 days your phone will stop working…

    Re: registering with police – I didn’t, nor did my dad or brother and we haven’t had any problems.

    Use the blinged-up subways to cross the road unless you want to be shouted at in Azerbaijani by the police.

    Premier Icon kcal

    Ouch. One of my mates is currently on long term secondment to Baku, t_r — not a biker by nature but from our neck of the woods. Not sure if it’s something he’d have come across, he’ll be in and out on almost monthly basis I’d have thought but probably small change to him – or he’ll just charge it back to co. :()

    You’re service company, aren’t you? He’s BP..


    When wascthat flaperon , new law.ive only been here for 8 days.

    Already been warned about the subways- was out for a walk on sunday. Managed 20k around town looking at the old city and waterfront.

    Dont worry kcal – work will be paying…. Im just a bit miffed that apparently i cant pay it at heydar aliyev and it must be done at the state migration building – ie if it flags i wont get out on thursday night…. Which will cost them alot more than 3-400manat in my time alone….

    Danj ive emailed you


    Got to love fsu state beauracracy link up.

    Through the air port no issue – except dor rhe fact my passports washed 🙂

    Mnaged to get my manats changed once on airside of security for very close to what i paid for them!


    I dont go any more so Don’t quote me but the “register within 3 days” thing was a Soviet rule and I think it has been in place ever since. Your hotel would do it or otherwise your office gofer. My visa was a residence visa and we only did it once, as I recall. I think it’s only a hassle if you’re staying in company flats or informal rentals.

    The IMEI thing on the other hand – what a ball ache that must be.

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