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  • Baggy shorts – how long should they last?
  • dan1980

    I have a pair of baggy shorts which came with a removable liner. The rear arse crack panels have kind of de laminated (The outer looks ok, but there’s weird flaky bits pulling away from the material inside), and the pad in the liner is pulling away from the main material.

    I’ve had them since August, and have probably ridden with the outers pretty much every weekend for one or two days for about 4 hours a ride, but the inners have seen much less use as I swap between 3 other liner shorts depending on washing etc.

    Do you think that I’ve had fair use of them, or is there case for them wearing out to soon? £50 quid seems a lot to pay for a pair of shorts that wears out in 3 months! I wonder if my anal gasses have rotted the thread 8O?

    The last pair I had (made by the same company lasted nearly 2 years before they started to fall apart!

    Premier Icon jam bo

    I’ve got a couple of pair of sombrios that are over five years old.


    If they are Endura, 6 months should do it.


    Wouldn’t really expect them to go unless you’ve fallen off a lot on to them.


    dakine shorts for me or cargo baggies

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