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  • Bag for DSLR on Winter Slopes?
  • alexxx

    Does anyone have any bag recommendations to carry my 7D around on the slopes this year…

    thinking of a semi hard shell type getup might be best? any thoughts appreciated as I’m sick of looking.

    I’ll be skiing with it.

    Premier Icon nixie

    I have a crumpler soft bag I use on the snowboard that is just big enough for dslr + a second lens. It has one over the shoulder messenger bag style strap and then a second leg strap. Camera sits on my hip and can float front to back. Can also be pulled out of the way on lifts. Not sure this would work so well for skis though.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    No different to MTBing, I ski with my Camelbak HAWG and a DSLR in that.


    I recently bought a LowePro Photo Sport 200 (,2271.htm)

    Works a treat with my Nikon DS300s DSLR.

    Will take a hydration bladder and enough misc gear for a days riding/skiing. Bit pricy though!


    I’ve got a photo pro sport 200 for biking with.

    As paulevans says its expensive but it works well on the bike should be good for boarding.

    Not so sure I’d want a bag with a big lump of metal thumping me in the back every time I fell over though:)


    Just got one of the inserts from fstop – well see how that goes in a waterproof northface bag – thanks guys

    the photopro looks good but highly overpriced

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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