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  • Baffled by house electrics problem…
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    A bulb in a wall light blew the other day – there was a bit of a bang, but the fuse on the consumer unit didn’t trip. So just stick new bulb in then – nope, nothing!

    The lights are in a conservatory and there are are two wall lights on one switch and 2 outside lights operated by another switch. Neither of these now work and there seems to be no power coming into the back of the lightswitch.

    But all the circuits seem to be working – lights and power!

    When the sparky did the wiring for this I suspect he spurred the wall and outside lights of another light circuit as there were only 4 extra lights (he put a new power circuit in).

    Could there be an in-line fuse in the floor somewhere to protect this spur?

    Or could something else hidden have blown?

    I’m baffled now!


    A lot of conservatory light circuits are spurred off the incoming socket ring.
    Look for a fused spur lower down the wall in there and on the house side of the wall too.
    Sounds like a fuse has gone in the spur

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    If he is a complete cowboy, there’s no knowing how he connected them. He might have hidden a fused spur somewhere, he might even have wired the lights by means of a plug stuck into a socket.

    If he did it by the book, I would look for a fused spur on a wall. If it was me, I’d have put this by a light switch or plug socket in a room adjacent to the conservatory, or by a plug socket in the conservatory itself.

    Edit – that took me longer to write than Jontykint

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    You beauty jontykint! 😀

    Fused spur behind the sofa. I thought this was to do with the power going out to the shed. I’d forgotten about it and never thought to check.

    What a dip-s**t!


    Whoop !

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