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    Mods – please remove this if you feel it’s inappropriate. I’m one of the organisers and I know we’ve got some Yorkshire locals on here who might be interested. Cheers!

    Erik Boomer and Sarah McNair-Landry: Baffin Island Expedition.

    American professional white water paddler Erik Boomer, and Canadian polar adventurer Sarah McNair-Landry have recently completed a gruelling 65-day expedition across Baffin Island, covering over a 1000km by kayak, ski and foot.

    Avoiding crevasses to cross the largest Icecap on Baffin Island, Boomer, Sarah and two friends descended into the Weasel River valley. Here, Boomer did a first descent of the class 5 glacier fed river surrounded by some of the world’s tallest cliffs. This was only the first week on a two-month expedition. At the ocean the team picked up their traditional Inuit style kayaks that they hand built themselves, and followed old traditional Inuit routes across Baffin. Tidal rapids, portages, snowstorms and polar bears were a few of the many challenges along the way.

    Boomer and Sarah will talk about this expedition, and their past adventures that have led them here at Leeds University Union on the 26th of November at 8pm. This event is being organised by the Leeds University Union Canoe Club, and we’d love it if any of you could come along for the evening. Tickets will be £8 in advance (reserve by emailing, or £10 on the door.

    [b]Boomer’s Bio:[/b]
    “Erik has many stings to his CV including pro kayaker, pro photographer, and a featured athlete in numerous adventure films. His confident approach to challenges on and off the river has earned him the title “the honey badger of kayaking”. With many first descents of rivers and waterfalls to his name, including 8 descents of the Grand Canyon of the Stikine, Boomer specializes in kayaking some of the world’s toughest rivers.
    In 2011, Boomer and John Turk became the first to circumnavigate Ellesmere Island on a 100-day ski and sea kayak expedition, which earned him a nomination for National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year” award. Recently, he was also featured as an athlete on “Top Gear”.

    Sarah’s bio:
    “Sarah grew up with the Arctic Ocean and a team of dogs in her backyard. No stranger to the cold, she is the youngest person travel to both the North and South Pole, has traversed the Greenland Ice Cap five times, has ventured into the Gobi desert, has guided an expedition to both the South and North Pole, and recently kite skied 3,300km retracing the Northwest Passage. In 2007 along with her older brother and teammate Eric, she was nominated for National Geographic’s prestigious “Adventurer of the Year” award and named one of the “Top Ten Women in Adventure” by National Geographic Adventure Magazine. When she is not in the cold, she spends her time working in film. She has directed several documentaries and is a published photographer.”[/I%5D


    Small bump for the evening crowd’s edification if I may.

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