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  • Badly put together rant – buying a bike
  • Punctuation is too good for a proper rant. 6/10.

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    The shop I work in has at least one short arse bike to try in each genre. It may not be the exact model but good enough to swing a leg over.




    Species ?


    OP you realise you have DSR on your side for online purchases?

    Many big retailers will bet you the bike you want to try, without obligation.

    For the smaller guys – online/DSR has made it not worth their while to stock as much.


    Usual process for us is to order/build a bike if deposit is paid then you can try for size before paying the balance when it arrives, then if it is wrong can be transferred to something else, we only have so much space in a small shop so 90% of display bikes are medium size.

    Why don’t uk brands make test bikes available in small sizes!

    No sensible shop will hold small bikes in stock at a relatively high price bracket as they won’t sell. You would think that a distribuitor, let’s suggest one that sells LINES of HOT bikes would try and at least you sitting on the saddle. Nope – let him try the medium, if that doesn’t fit the small should be fine. Genus…..

    What about a shop that only sells their own brands – Planet X/ on one. Surely they will at least have one small bike in stock of their most recent popular frame sets (lurcher/codeine) nope we are only a “showroom” and they would look funny. Seriously WTF!!!!


    Didn’t the guy at Planetx mean ‘you would look funny’ trying to ride a 29er. When will short people ever learn and stick with the humble 26″ wheel.


    It’s no easier for us XLs.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Get used to it mate!


    OP eventually gets test ride …


    Learn about percentiles and height and you might be a bit less angry about the whole issue.

    Then again – if you’re that small, you’re probably quite angry about a lot of things.

    Tootall is right. It’s about making money by selling to the most common sized customer which sucks.

    Same problem with shoes 7-11 the most common size?
    At least O.P. isn’t riding a gate lol

    Wonders how old the market research for clothing size is.


    Just get the shop to order a smaller size in. Even if you have to put a deposit down, you’re under no obligation to buy it. And if they try insisting on such silliness, take your business elsewhere. I can understand tht smaler companies might not want to be lumbered with a bik they might not sell, but quite frankly,that’s theire problem; if you don’t want to at least attempt to cater for customers’ needs, then don’t be in that business.

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    a good start is to look up the geometry tables for the bike you ride now and compare them to the bike you want to buy

    also, try all your mate’s bikes, you may get some surprises

    ‘fit’ on an MTB is something of a movable feast, it’s a lot less specific than a road bike, so it can depend on how you want the bike to feel and what you want to do with it


    I agree with the OP. Shops should offer to get hold of any size before buying. Even if its a slightly different spec but with the same geometry.

    As for all the comments about being short. You should never make fun of people’s size or shape. You bunch of ignorant a**holes. Clap clap.


    Nope. On here, I think you are allowed to take the piss out of short people and gingers without fear of reprisal or getting told off by the big hitters….

    Fatties are out though, even though for them it is a choice (in general).


    Nope. On here, I think you are allowed to take the piss out of short people and gingers without fear of reprisal or getting told off by the big hitters….

    As a short arse myself, most of these jokes go over my head.


    Mjsmke chill, life’s too short

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    As a very shortarse, jokes don’t bother me – most on here are fat lumps anyway! 😛


    Why don’t people realise that shops are there to make money?
    Of course its possible that they will lose potential customers but I assume that they know what works for them best.
    I agree with the OP’s sentiments but don’t expect otherwise. The idea of pay a deposit that is transferable wouldn’t get me. If a bike doesn’t fit I would be trying another brand and in all probability a different shop.
    Why don’t UK manufactures make smaller bikes. Because most people are not small. Its not worth it.
    How about the basic assumption that any company knows it business better than a few potential customers.

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