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  • Bad beer – complain, or just one of those things?
  • RustySpanner
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    Due to the sad demise of Worsthorne Brewery, I had to find an alternative for presents and my own amusement.

    Bought two five litre boxes from a well respected local micro last Thursday, an IPA for the son in law, a milk stout for me.

    Hot day, but only 30 minutes in the back of the car before being stored in a cool place.

    Tried the milk stout today and it’s OK-ish, but as flat as a pancake.

    SIL has thrown the IPA away as it had already gone off, vinegary and flat.

    I’ve drank at the brewery pub a few times and never had a bad pint, always top quality.

    Should I just put this down to bad luck, bad handling by myself or do I have grounds for complaint?

    £60 in total, so I’m a bit miffed, tbh.

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    Take it back and ask them to try it

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    Pete just give them a ring, if they are any sort of fair brewers then I’m sure they will want to sort it out.

    My local brewery were great when I had a batch of slightly off wheat beer, took a can back to them and they immediately said it was not right replaced the stuff I had bought and gave me £15 of free stuff + a tour of the brewery.

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    I always let breweries know if they’re product isn’t sold in the condition they would want it to be in. They’ll e grateful for the feedback and most likely will refund or replace.

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    You’re lucky the taste of just bad. I had a homebrew beer once that caused me the worst diarrhoea of my life. It was like my insides became a firehose. Thank God I had easy access to a toilet because there was no stopping it for a good 30 mins. 😀

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    Five litre boxes? I presume you’re talking about a take home polypin? Given the beer is poured “From the barrel”, and thus already “served” once, in much the same way as into a glass, but simply into a plastic tapped container instead, I think you’ve left it too long. I think general received wisdom, is two days if kept quite cool. Really best enjoyed on the night. After 5 days, even kept well, it’s going to be very much “end of life”. Its not like buying a sealed product in airtight container.

    My local brewery (Pilgrim, Surrey) does a mix of polypin boxes, and metal cask cans, I expect you might get longer out of the cans.

    My own view, is I know its an expensive waste, but in high summer temperatures, hoping for opened, poured, bright beer to be drinkable five days after purchase is not a particularly reasonable expectation. Sorry.

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    Give the brewery feedback, may just be a dodgy batch.

    Sure they’ll appreciate it more than if someone “Keyboard Warrior” posted a bad review with no consultation beforehand.(Not saying you would, but other customers may be inclined to do this)

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    You’re lucky the taste of just bad. I had a homebrew beer once that caused me the worst diarrhoea of my life. It was like my insides became a firehose.

    Think yourself lucky. I had this after a dodgy couple of pints at Manchester airport. It kicked in mid-Atlantic. The taxi ride from JFK was one I’ll never forget.

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    Those 9 pt cans. They probably get filled from a cask as well.
    If its live real ale then 2 days, maybe 3.
    If it contains a decent amount of living yeast, its new beer and its kept below 10c. Then maybe 3 weeks life.
    Hard to replicate cask condition beer at home in the summer.

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    Like folks say, this is effectively served beer. Drink it the same day or next day. Leave it a few days and it’ll be just as you’d expect a glass of beer to be after that time: horrid.

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    I’d think that may have just had the beer go off. Hot car then a few days not good conditions for the beer in a bag. I’m sure last one I got gave 3-5 days max as being drinkable if kept in good condition.

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    was this hand pump beer poured in to a box or beer already in a cask ? If it’s hand pulled I’d be drinking it that day.

    Our brewery does live beer in a cask and they say drink it within 3 days

    If it’s pulled from a pump in to a box thing then you really need to drink it that day

    Not their fault IMO. Maybe they just need to educate the people buying the beer a bit better 😁

    Ring them and ask if you got it wrong ?

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    Down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it, down it… etc.

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    Thanks for the replies folks.

    Yes, it was the plastic bags in boxes.
    I’ve had the mini kegs (from a different place) before and they were excellent.

    I’ve checked their website and they say the beer bags should be drunk within 1-2 weeks, so I’ll pop in and let them know.

    Expensive lesson, I’ll make sure I get the mini kegs next time!

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    beer bags should be drunk within 1-2 weeks

    To be honest I would buy and beer ‘fresh’ from a brewery and not consume within 2-3 days it is always going to deteriorate.

    Thats what can and bottles are for.

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    Yep, I’ll stick to the mini kegs from now on!


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