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  • mikehealey

    Last April I managed to hurt my lower back. A combination of too many miles on a new road bike that
    I didn’t get properly fitted for, a couple of really long journeys in a new car with seats that offer no support and a crunching tackle whilst playing five-a-side are probably behind it.

    Nearly 10 months on and I’m still suffering. I’ve not ridden my bike or taken part in any kind of sport
    in this time and although not in real pain, it’s always sore (like i’ve been punched in the lower back).

    I’ve seen the doctor who gave me pain killers and told me to rest, then I saw an Osteopath who really just made it worse and have see two physio’s, both who approached it differently with treatment and exercises.

    But with all of this i’m still suffering, and don’t feel any nearer to getting back to how I was 10 months ago.

    Not really sure what to do next, am thinking I should maybe stop all the treatment and just have a couple
    of months off doing nothing as see how that goes.

    It’s really getting me down now, anyone been in a similar situation and could offer me any advise?


    I have a back problem since I was 19, and I started doing Pilates 4 months ago. I’ve found it’s improved things considerably.


    I would go back to doc and push for a diagnosis, not least so you know what is safe to do.

    I have a sciatica problem which yoga has helped as did specific physio

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    Personally I’d try Pilates / yoga to see if that improves it. I get lower back pain when I don’t regularly lift weights, probably as I lose my core strength. If I do a lot of core work my lower back is much happier for it, even though my posture at work is terrible.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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