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  • Premier Icon vincienup

    Quick question:

    I normally use a Lezyne Microdrive that I’m very pleased with.

    Last night it came up that I could have done with a spare/backup rear light.

    I don’t really want to spend significantly more than £25 but like high lumen visibility and waterproofness. The Lezyne has yet to show me that it’s scared of getting wet.

    So, power source. A ‘spare’ is likely to spend a lot of time unused.

    It strikes me that a LiOn USB light may not be the best choice for such …

    So, stay USB for convenience and swap around occasionally to keep cell charge/condition or look at something like an Exposure Flare with disposable cell (or indeed a Trace if USB is in scope…)

    Any other suggestions welcomed. Not too fussed about RRP – I know I can get a new rear Microdrive for about £26 or a new Flare without recharge kit for similar (without looking at eBay listings…)

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    on-one have some good price drop bargins at the moment. a couple of their ‘skully’ rear lights should be fine for you.


    Phaart Bleep 2x 0.5 Watt rear light.
    Currently £3.59 from
    Regular batteries will last months.


    Two Cateye Rapid 1’s are my staple. One saddle rail mounted, one seatpost or rack mounted (depends on bike). Just bought a Rapid X, and the band to hold the light on is a retrograde step in my opinion.

    For emergencies, my commuter has an additional LED light mounted on the mudguard (fenderbot).


    Phaart Bleep 2x 0.5 Watt rear light

    I’ve got virtually the same made by RSP and it’s properly efin bright, my mates make me ride at the back


    Smart Lunar r2 and a set of rechargeable AAA’s.


    are people serious about spending 20 odd quid on a rear light?
    4 quid from tesco –

    pack of 10 aaa batteries from poundland for ……… a pound!
    & wear some high viz.


    With lighting, you get what you pay for. That Tesco bracket is rubbish – try fitting it to an aero seatpost. Cateye have worked hard to deliver an interchangeable system that allows a few good lights to be transferred easily between all my bikes.

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Agree with TiRed on the main point.

    Twenty quid on a back light is not a lot of money if you’re using the bike on roads daily and like not being in hospital. There are lights I would probably not buy due to cost, but this bracket is fine for me. Front lights (not an issue) are much cheaper now than they ever were if you’re prepared to put up with failings. My Chinese SolarStorm is awesome for the money but once you add in a quality charger that won’t explode or kill your cells over time and quality battery pack that lasts for the advertised time (more than 1.5 hrs+) and holds its performance you’re approaching +£70 or more on top of the £26 bargain and big name lights stop looking quite so expensive.

    It would be if the light continually broke and you kept needing to buy more. And if you need to keep buying batteries the cost will go up also, although rechargeable batteries have issues with being left charged but not in use which is where my main question came from.

    I’ve had cheap plastic row of LED’s type lights before and I’d take some convincing to buy another. I’ve always killed them with weather or they just snapped and broke. The Lezyne I have has no signs other than some mud in places that will be a sod to clean out (but affects nothing other than cosmetic) to show it’s been used every day since September and charged many times. At 70 lumen it’s very bright. The Exposure is similar at about 75 lumen but people occasionally seem to have issue with crossthreading of the cap that doubles as the ‘on’ switch.

    So, back to the original question and away from ‘what light should i buy’ as that isn’t really what I was looking for help with: A light that is likely to sit for periods unused but you want to depend on when you need it. Rechargeable or disposable cells?

    Premier Icon cp

    The phaarts are crap build quality, but the lunar r2 that on one are doing cheap at the mo are great

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