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  • Back protector – Longest can get?
  • robzzzttt
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    I am looking for a back protector that ideally is in vest type form and includes a chest protector. Also ideally D30 type that is easy to forget you’re wearing.

    I have tried the Fox Baseframe Pro, but it only covers half of my back, much of my lower back is still unprotected which doesn’t seem good…

    Appreciate any recommendations for products that have a good length back protector to cover as much of the spine as possible.


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    I`ve a bliss ARG one which provides protection to your coccyx.

    Its flexible D3O protection though so if you ride somewhere with pointy rocks you might need a hard shell one

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    Why not get a motorbike one ? It’ll be warmer i think potentially, but full length.

    Knox are popular….

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    Evoc protector vest.

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    @VanHalen thanks, I hadn’t heard of this one and looks like good coverage.

    they would be ok for bike park / uplift days but ideally I would also like to wear for enduro riding

    looks similar coverage to the Bliss one which is good, thanks!

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    @robzzzttt i`m happy to wear it whenever and for however long. i probably should wear it more TBH… its not too hot and sweaty. can run a normal tshirt/jersy over.

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    I’ve got the Dainses Trail Skins Air Vest…

    …which I use for enduro and DH racing plus techy riding.

    Back protector and chest plate are removable so works as a decent light base layer too and is easily washable. Has a couple of rear pockets on either side of the back protector, which although a little higher than I would like, are good for smartphone/multitool/cereal bars.

    Zips up the side so easy to put on and remove as well.

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    I use a Dianese ‘shield air’ and it covers the whole spine (on me at least) its back only, but very flexible and unobtrusive when it’s on.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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