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  • mattbibbings

    Not the same injury but I did have 400 days off the mountain bike last year ( and a bit ) due to smashed wrists. My best advice is to go ride some trails that are steady for you and you know inside out. It will allow you to gauge how you really feel and keep any anxiety to a minimum and just enjoy being back on the bike.

    Unless you have been doing something else you will be way less fit. Just accept this and give it time.

    It does feel bloody great to be back though. I can promise you that.


    Yeah I know my fitness has taken a bashing, Put over a stone on 🙁

    Gonna stick to the local cycle path/greenway for now, I’m going back to see the consultant in a month so if everything is ok then I’ll hit the trails, Reckon that’ll be the best thing for me to do.

    Aswell as not falling lol.


    Got the all clear to get back on the bike and see how it feels from the consultant today.

    Broke my left clavicle at the end of July but it’s taken longer than expected to heal up and it still isn’t fully healed but it is feeling solid, got full movement back in my arm and no discomfort or pain at all when in the press-up position holding my body weight (Which there is a lot of)

    Just need to get a new helmet to replace the Giro Hex which ended up in 8 pieces after the off, Was gonna get the IXS Trail RS helmet but not in stock and don’t fancy waiting so it’s a trip to All Terrain on Saturday, probably a Fox Flux.

    Anyway, I’m a bit excited. Any pointers and tips from people who’ve come back from the same injury?


    dandax – great news you’re back on the bike. Im currently in exactly the same position having broken my right clavicle into 4 bits in mid July, plate fitted then 2 months off the bike, so know exactly what youre going through.

    I got the ok for “light biking duties” a few weeks ago (pending another consultants appt) when Im hoping it will be fully healed. Been doing gentle rides on gravel tracks, easy bridleways and smoother trails to start getting some fitness back. Bit aprehensive at first (still am) but slowly feeling a little more confident, although suspect it will take a while.

    Shoulder feels good but plate can get a bit tender, Ive found that pulling the chest strap tight on my camelbak moves the straps into a comfortable position.

    That said, its just bloomin great to be back out again! 😀

    Also wrote off my helmet (Giro Xen), but grabbed a bargain 661 recon from CRC for £39 while I decide what I really want and all these new-fangled enduro helmets hit the shelves!


    I’m slowly getting back into riding. Broke the 15 mile barrier this week. Spent all of 2012 off the bike due to house move and ankle tendonitis and Feb till June this year with fractured fibula, Lateral ligament, lateral meniscus and medial ligament tear. Had a knee arthroscopy beginning of August. Get the odd twinge of pain but it’s better than it was.


    Go and ride the section on which you broke it. That was my first off-road ride, but I was back commuting a month earlier. First fall onto the shoulder is always a worry too, so try and get that over and done with nice and early too. Worked for me and upped my confidence.

    Broke my left clavicle in France in July, it required plating which seemed an advantage because I was able to stand up paddlesurf after 3 weeks (great rehab) and started gentle riding after 5. Been riding unhindered now for about a month. I do worry about breaking it again with plate in situ as that can be a complicated injury but I’m not gonna stop riding so I’ll just take my chances with that.

    Good luck with the rehab dandax, once you start riding it’ll soon be a distant memory..!


    Good news guys, went and bought myself a Mavic Notch helmet this morning.

    Went for a 16 mile cyclepath ride with my brother, shoulder felt fine but my arse doesn’t! Haha.

    Fitness has done a runner, I was ruined! Didn’t help myself with not eating this morning and getting a bit fresh lastnight, ooops.

    Was a horrible ride but also was great, felt a bit weird at first, was worried my bike was gonna fall apart but by the end I felt fine.

    Sticking to the local cyclepath until I’ve gone back to see the consultant next month as I’m still a bit worried about the strength of the break, I’m a big lad and don’t wanna make it worse.

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