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  • Baby's first bed
  • Boba Fatt

    This is one for the dads on here

    What was the set up for your baby for sleeping? We’ve acquired the family bassinet but the wife’s not digging it at all and I can see safety issues. Looking for recommendations if possible otherwise it’s going in the cage with the dog

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Big old cot, and their own flippin’ room away from us.
    Works for much longer, not a hassle.
    Have a comfy chair next to it for feeding.
    Job Done.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Mamas & Papas Cot that changed to a small bed eventually.
    Get them into a cot.

    And check the room temp, as the recommended is quite cool compared to the boiler room of hell that my Wife normally insisted on for the house.


    You will get far more use out of a cot bed than a cot.

    We had a Mamas & Papas cot bed and can confirm that it was the most cheap rubbish crap to be sold at a stupidly expensive price ever. In fact we thought the Mamas and Papas pushchair was rubbish too.

    Jnr FD was in his own bedroom in the cot at less than 3 months defo the way to go!

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Junior_oab’s were in own room at 3days…it would have been 3hours if mrs_oab was up for walking some more in the first day…


    Cot bed all day long- good for up to 4 years ish

    Premier Icon Drac

    How old?


    Cardboard box like most of Scandinavia.

    We did Moses basket in our room, then cot-bed in her room from about three months. A room thermometer helps minimise worries as can sharing a room (apparently they’re better at keeping breathing if they’re in a room with others breathing). But if they’re noisy sleepers and you’re light sleepers then getting even less sleep may drive you insane!


    Mosses basket in our room then cot in our room then cot in own room at 6 months . Now at 30 months cot in own room till 5am then bed in own room with his mum unless he sleeps longer.


    minibensales1 was in a Moses in our room for a week, then cotbed in his room for 2.5 years, then a single bed.

    minibensales2 was in a Moses in our room for one month, then cotbed in her room. She’s only 3 months old, so no idea when she’ll go into a single bed, but we’ll do the same.

    Top tip, swaddle in Moses baskets, but don’t bother in a cot, or blankets. Sleeppods (little baby sleeping bags) are the way forward. No worries about them coming out from under the blankets, or sliding under them etc.

    And to second someone else’s comment, a room too hot is far more dangerous than a room too cold (within reason). They’ll just cry if the room is too cold.


    A second hand cot bed with a new mattress, regardless of how much money your SO wants to spend. Got ours on eBay and it was unmarked. She was in a moses basket in our room for a couple of weeks then in her own room after that. A second hand rocking chair next to the cot for that transition to sleep is great!


    A good quality cot that can become a bed.
    Spent a lot of money on a Mothercare one for the youngest.
    Covered the nephew too!
    Now about to go on eBay as soon as the ex sorts it out

    Premier Icon mogrim

    We got an Ikea cotbed, survived two kids for about 8 years continuous use.

    Premier Icon jodafett

    Moses basket in our room (on Mothers side of bed!) for a few months. Then own room in a cot bed. It’s worked well for both of our wee ones. Recommend the room thermometer tho as its really surprising how low the ideal temp is. John Lewis cot bed has done both ours and it’s still in good nick.

    Premier Icon ratherbeintobago

    Moses basket for both until they were too big, then went into their own rooms and cot bed.

    #1 is in a John Lewis one, now converted to bed, #2 is in one from some place at the back of Chorley which I can’t remember the name of, and is of much higher quality and similar price.

    Edit – It was Ollie & Leila

    Moses basket lasted a week for us. Then into cotbed in our room for 3 months and then into her own room. Stupidly we also let her sleep with us for a few weeks (don’t do this, they insist on sleeping across the bed).
    Next one is going in a cot in their own room from day one!


    In the cot in own room from day 1 – let’s not get started about co-sleeping

    Our 7 month old is in our bed every night… all night, and doesn’t look like leaving any time soon.

    I’m in the spare room on work nights to get some sleep!


    This isn’t me 🙂 my GF has my tablet and these are her words:

    Well my boy slept with us in the Moses basket until he was six months, it took two weeks of sleepless nights to settle him into his cot in another room, but it was worth it. The cot (from IKEA) then changed into a bed which he slept in until he was around two and a half. We got him a proper bed when he was three.The only problem with the bed was that he could get out of it but as long as you don’t give in and let the baby back in your bed you should be ok

    Premier Icon edhornby

    Moses baskets were a waste of time for us, they grow out too quick, IKEA cots are good cos they have adjustable height so are good for newborn to 2 yrs old, then go straight to a single bed

    Cot in our room 0-6 months.

    Cot in his own room 6-27 months.

    Bed in his own room 27 months onwards.


    We used a moses basket for 6 weeks, then a normal cot and then moved him to a wee bed just in time for his wee brother arriving and taking over the cot.

    To all those with a cot bed, what do you do if you have another baby?

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Similar to Spacemonkey (though dates slightly different).

    Premier Icon jodafett

    To all those with a cot bed, what do you do if you have another baby?

    We bought another (cheaper) cot bed 🙂

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Moses basket for a few weeks.
    Cot from then until around 18 months.
    Single proper bed thereafter.

    Very much a personal thing but I do not get the cot bed thing. Our eldest would have been in it still when youngest needed a cot so would have been buying a second and they would both still need a bigger bed.


    Ours never liked the cot. Spent the first 14 months co-sleeping. After 14 months he moved into a single bed with cot sides and at 2.5 he’s had absolutely no problem and sleeps from 7pm to 7 or 8am, sometimes longer.


    Moses basket in our room for 6 weeks.
    Ikea gulliver crib in own room with egg crate style mattress at high setting until he was pulling himself up/standing – 9months
    Crib at low setting until he could climb out – 12 months (upgrade to sprung mattress at 18mo when #2 born)
    Side off crib as ‘day bed’ – to 26 months
    new single bed .. spent more on that natural latex/coconut/lambs wool mattress than any bed I’ve ever owned!

    Baby 2 – 18months younger, repeat (more or less)!

    Needed 2 Gulliver cribs though to do it that way, but the boys share a room so space is a premium!

    cot in his own room from day 1. A cheap Ikea one given to us by a friend.

    an adults single bed with a bed guard from 14 months old (we were moving to another country and his cot was in the shipping).


    Moses basket/crib for several months in your room is recommended by health professionals…then kick them into touch in their own room with a cotbed. Good luck….my one year seems to have sleep disorder…he just doesn’t 🙁


    we got a mammas and pappas cott that convered into a bed she still in it now and she’s five


    Just in case it needs repeating…

    Bed height cot (moses basket size but having used a proper moses basket for no 1, we found this much better, particularly post cesarean as it reduces the need for lifting)

    Then cot bed. No 2 is almost 2 now and has recently switched to her ‘big girl bed’ and loves it. We do have a bar type thing on the side to stop her falling out though.

    The cot bed lasted no 1 until he was about 3.5 but he is very tall.

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