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  • Looking to make a decision on which one for the imminent arrival of TR Jnr.

    I like the look of the BT 150, but I’ve been tasked with checking out these ones with sensor pads – anyone had any experience of these, good or bad?


    We got the Anglecare one on basis of research on the net. Has worked well and we’ve recommended it to others who have been happy. The SIDS people say you can’t rely on sensors but it’s huge peace of mind compared with nothing.

    Very sensitive things tho. A fan in the room creats enough vibration to keep the thing from triggering. On the other hand when the wee rascal crawls away from it and it has gone off it’s the parents who need the nappy. Better a false alarm than a failed alarm.

    Hope this helps


    unless you are miles from the room, don’t bother, you’ll just be running in there every five minuted at the slightest noise and after about three weeks will get p****d off and turn it off.

    We had one for our first and never bothered with the following two, monitors are just pain in the bum frankly.

    Mind you if it’s your first, you’ll ignore this advice and buy a stupidly expensive or complicated one anyway, I would have done so not sure why i even bothered replying really.

    That’s been no help at all really has it?

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    What about buying a couple of mobile phones that get free calls to each other? That way you can nip down the pub and still know what’s going on at home. 🙂


    Buy the BT one, ours has lasted well and catered for two kids – really good clarity and all we have ever needed

    jahwomble – thanks, I do feel I going that way!

    Seems there is false alarm issues with the pad ones – like if the baby crawls off it, or if the mattress is too thick.

    Ignoring the pad, how does the anglecare one stack up against the BT one? In terms of battery life, temp gauge, night light etc?


    I’m with jahwomble, you could here wors jnr crying at the pub at the end of the road! 😳


    +1 for jahwombles comment, unless you live in a massive house, you don’t need a baby monitor. We have friends who use one, and it’s stuffed things up for them royally, their kids won’t go to bed, as they know they come running as soon as make the slightest sound.

    Babies are small, but they ain’t quiet!


    Don’t bother!
    Could hear both of ours crying from anywhere in the house and I certainly didn’t want it amplified into the living room!!


    the BT digital monitors rock…dont bother with anything other than digital as the reception will be cr*p


    we have newborn twins and I can’t here them cry from the kitchen, so I’d recommend one personally.

    We have the BT 150 and its really good, we find the temperature warning function particulaly usefull, as being premature, we have to keep the room at 21C.

    The remote light and songs prove usefull to as they do sooth them when they start to cry when you are eating


    We bought the Angelcare one with the sensor pad for our first baby. It seemed to work well although I was forever forgetting to turn the sensor off when picking him up…

    With our second baby, now 8 weeks old 🙂 , we still use the monitor but haven’t bothered wiring up the sensor pad this time around.

    We normally use it plugged in but have used it with batteries occasionally and it seems to work fine.

    Whatever you buy I would recommend that you get one that has a visual display as well as audio, that way you can turn the volume down if you want, but still keep an eye on their screaming.

    im with foxy, dont bother as youcan hear them screaming anyway.

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    Dont bother, leave the doors open and you will hear them, my two were in their own bed rooms from day one with no problems, didnt do them any harm


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    waste of time +1

    Don’t get the ones with all the sensors, heartbeat monitors etc, as you’ll be paranoid enough,being a new parent, without all that sh1te.

    What I would say, is that I wish I’d got a wee video monitor, purely for the laughs you’d get seeing what the wee mites get up to when they think you can’t see them!.

    The wife talked me out of buying one, and she regrets that more than me now.


    Only find them handy if the TV’s on or we’re away at friends tbh – the rest of the time they are overkill


    Unless your house is massive, don’t bother, you become “tuned” into any meaningful sound otherwise you’ll never sit down, got two young un’s and one is three months old and we learned many lessons from our first to just let them get on with it. the youngest sleeps from 7.30pm to 7ish in the morning generally, and is happy as you like. Having said all of this if its your first then do what you think is right and learn your lessons from experience,its more fun…..

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    We’ve got a Tomy one that works very well, but with hindsight I fail to see the point of it TBH.

    If he cries we don’t go in, otherwise he’ll never learn to calm himself down. So we just sit there looking at all the flashing green and red lights (the sound is off) and say “he’s crying”.

    We’ve got a video monitor too, but we don’t use it anymore. It’s nice to watch them whilst they are alseep and hysterical to watch them farting.


    Avoid at all costs.


    this must be your first , found all we did was put it on mute and stare at the the bloody thing , suppose it saves you running up the stairs every 5 mins , but a basic digital 1 is all you need . good luck with the birth , dont miss it for the world , your life wont be the same again , good luck fella.

    one more vote for don’t bother

    we still use ours even though our 2 are now 6 and 2 though we only use it in the kitchen is 2 floors down as we live in a town house. I would agree with the others that in a normal house you don’t need them and deffinatly don’t have it in your bed room as you will wake up at every sound.


    We have a Tomy one and find it really useful – with a tv on, we can’t hear unless he’s really yelling and more importantly, it means that if I go to work on bikes in the garage while my wife is out, I can hear.

    As to going in for the slightest sound, that’s nothing to do with the monitor – we often hear him make noises but don’t always go in, since we know that we don’t always need to – it’s to do with your general attitude…

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    yeah, we use the monitor even now, and our’s is 2 and a bit, we’re in a converted bungalow, so he’s upstairs, and we’re down.


    We didn’t bother. We live in a new build house so you could hear our daughter fart while we are downstairs. I guess in a big / old house they would be useful though.

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