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  • mark90

    Our daughter is officially Abigail Lauren, but gets called Abi, which was always our intention. She is the only Abi in her year at school. There are 3 Isobelle’s and 3 George’s (boys). I like Skye, there is one in her class.

    Mary Hinge

    I’m gonna be a Grandad in September.

    Scans say it’s a girl.

    We’ve started calling her Shimano Crankshaft ๐Ÿ˜†

    Mum to be is not best pleased ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    They are deciding on the name after they see her, but us granpys are sticking with Shimano. Has a nice “Chardonnay” ring to it ๐Ÿ˜›


    Cougar – Member

    Are you 70?

    You mean these are old names? i.e. Agatha(Greek), Edith(English)or Hilda(German). These names have good meaning …

    Either that or go with the modern trendy hip-hop, celebrities shites like for e.g. Porsh Brookly Bridge, Ivy Sunflower, Leopardlily Monshine, Harping Tardis or even better names like …

    Indigo Augustine,
    Lexi Diamond
    Jesse Jane
    Raven Alexis
    Capri Cavalli
    Persia Pele
    Skin Diamond
    Bobbi Starr
    Aurora Jolie
    Capri Anderson
    Chayse Evans
    Riley Steele
    Dyanna Lauren
    Black Angelika
    Lexi Belle
    Havana Ginger
    Tanner Mayes
    Isis Love
    Shyla Stylez
    Madelyn Marie
    London Keyes
    Jynx Maze
    Abella Anderson
    Sunny Leone



    My two are called Amelia & Madeline.

    Had we not chosen the above, one of them would have been called Evanthia, due to the wife being of Greek heritage and all.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    You mean these are old names?

    I mean, they’d be great names if you were expecting witches.

    Reducto al absurbum, there’s plenty of good names to go at without resorting to pornstar pseudonyms.


    We’ve started calling her Shimano Crankshaft


    Nothing too popular (I’m a Dave), nothing too unusual, nothing that isn’t obvious how to spell, nothing spelt incorrectly, something that can be long and official for later life but shortened and cute when required, something that means something (e.g. family members names that have passed on). I think that was our criteria. We ended up with Eleanor Hazel, referred to as Pickle.

    An STW baby name? Has to be Robyn


    Is it just me, but the new trend for Aurelia as a name just makes me giggle – I am sure it means Nipple in Latin ?? As in the booby kind, not the ones on bike wheels.


    bring back proper names, betty, doris, hilda, gertrude and my personal fav, agatha


    You need a name with an apostrophe in to be properly classy.

    Premier Icon maccruiskeen



    see, point proven. ๐Ÿ™‚




    Wow there are some horrific name choices on this thread! don’t be coming here for advice, pick your own, as no matter what you like someone else will think it’s awful!
    Amelie and Amelia seem to be the Evie, Grace and Ella’s for 3-4 years ago. Pick what you like because you like it not becuase “it’s different” ebcuase it sure as hell won’t be as names go aroudn and come around.

    you can add Nancy to the witches Edith, Agatha or hilda.

    don simon



    Fenton? Lovely place to name your dog/cat/sheep/child etc after


    In the age of electronic communication, for goodness sake, give her a name that is easy to spell. I speak from experience. And nothing that was trendy for five minutes in the 1960’s either ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Imogen Grace was my choice. It doesn’t sit well with my 14yo son though.

    EDIT: and while we are on the subject of Fenton as name, since she’s a girl, then it would have to be Fenton’s Procedure (don’t google images at work)…

    Premier Icon senor j

    Our little parcel of joy is due for arrival in 2 weeks and counting!
    Don’t know the sex but we’ve been calling “it” doris for several months now.
    Originally as a bit of a joke to wind up the in-laws,however it appears to have stuck.
    We have loads of names but will wait ’til we meet up to decide…I hope.

    I like Constance and Isobel , but the later does appear to have become super popular.

    Premier Icon Marin No 8

    The wife and I settled on Charlotte Hanora (wifes late Irish grandmother) for Esplin junior senior when she was expecting. Can’t remember the boys name as I was so convinced we were having a girl a switched off to boys names. Esplin junior junior was heading for Isabelle amongst others (did try to get my grandmothers name, Rita, in there but was vetoed) but in the delivery room whilst chatting to our amazing midwife she mentioned that her daughter was called Pheobe. We both looked at each other and called her Pheobe Sarah. So it goes to show that sometimes you can settle on a name and sometimes inspiration comes at the last moment.


    We had a little girl last October and chose Aila. We both liked sound of Isla and then found this version which has finnish/scottish links. Her middle name is Isobel, but that’s the same for her mother and grandmother. I found girls names much easier to decide on than boys names. We were still thinking about boys names on the morning of the c-section (she was stubbornly arse down).

    We called ours little sid during preganancy…

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